Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi

Israel-Gaza War
Chief of Staff Halevi: We're encouraging Haredi enlistment

Halevi spoke to soldiers of how "every battalion" formed from Haredi recruits helps relieve thousands of reservists from defensive duties.

Avi Woolf | 16.06.24

Israel-Gaza War, World Central Kitchen

Watch: Chief of Staff Halevi issues statement in English regarding World Central Kitchen incident

Halevi repeated that the deaths of the WCK workers was a "grave mistake" and that there is now a humanitarian coordination center meant to ensure better coordination of aid provision.

Avi Woolf | 03.04.24

Israel-Gaza War

Chief of Staff at Scene of Disaster Where 21 Soldiers Fell: We Feel the Cost of War

Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi said at the site where 21 reservists fell that "They fell in battle during a mission aimed at returning the residents to their homes safely. We are pained by the loss, we will learn the lessons."

JFeed Staff | 23.01.24

New Recruits

You will not be Stopped: the Chief of Staff with the New Recruits

In a meeting with the new recruits for the Kfir and Nahal brigades, the Chief of Staff said: "You wear uniforms on a day when the meaning of defending the country and defending the home is much greater."

Yehuda Klein, JFeed Staff | 06.12.23

Israel At War

Chief of Staff: "The IDF is ready today to continue fighting"

Herzi Halevi commented on the continuation of the fighting in the south and the north: "Together we will ensure that the residents of the north return to a different, better and more stable security reality".

Simcha Raz, JFeed Staff | 28.11.23

Israel At War

The Chief of Staff in the North: "We will not return to the pre-war reality"

Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi met with the heads of the authorities in the north and said: "We will plan together with the heads of the authorities the return of the residents and its timing, through dialogue and with the understanding that we will not be able to return to the reality that existed here before the war"

Chani Edri, JFeed Staff | 28.11.23

Israel - Gaza War

Chief of Staff: "Upon completing the deal – we will return to combat"

Against the background of the ceasefire during the hostage deal, Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi clarified that at the end of the ceasefire "we will return to fight with full determination, to continue the release of the hostages until the dissolution of Hamas".

JFeed | 26.11.23

Israel - Gaza War

Chief of Staff: We Will Return Immediately at the End of the Ceasefire to Attack Gaza

The Chief of Staff welcomed the return of the captives and noted that fighting in Gaza will return after the ceasefire: "We will return immediately at the end of the ceasefire to attack Gaza, maneuvers in Gaza. We will also do this to dismantle Hamas and create pressure to return the captives".

Liran Vainshtain, JFeed Staff | 25.11.23

"Residents will Safely Return"

The Chief of Staff Up North: "Residents will Safely Return to their Homes"

Against the backdrop of increasing tensions in the north, the Chief of Staff held a situation assessment at the border in the north and said that: "The security situation will not be abandoned in such a way that the residents of the north will not feel safe to return to their homes."

Chani Edri, JFeed Staff | 13.11.23

Israel At War

The Chief of Staff flies over Gaza: "The entire IDF is working so that you can advance"

Chief of Staff  Herzi Halevi flew over the skies of the Gaza Strip with the Chief of the Air Force and the commander of Squadron 100, and spoke with the commander of the Golani Brigade: "Tell all your people - you are doing an important job, everyone is behind you, the entire IDF is working so that you can advance." Watch.

JFeed | 12.11.23

Israel-Gaza War, Simchat Torah Massacre

Vox Populi: Poll Shows Who Israelis Hold Responsible for October 7

Four weeks since the massacre, the public has answers for who is responsible, who should go home, and what should come next. Details below.

JFeed | 05.11.23

Israel-Gaza War, Gaza, Humanitarian Aid

PM Office Response to IDF Chief of Staff on Fuel Aid: "There's no approval for that" 

The statement was a response to Lt.-Gen. Halevi's statement that fuel would eventually be introduced into the Strip under supervision.

Guy Ezra, JFeed Staff | 02.11.23

Israel-Gaza War, Gaza City

Chief of Staff Halevi: IDF Operating Within the City and Surrounding It

The Chief of Staff issued a statement explaining the continued fighting and the next stages of the war in Gaza.

Yair Amar, JFeed Staff | 02.11.23

Ground Entry

Chief of Staff: "The Objectives of the War Require Ground Entry"

The Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi, met with the combat forces in the field and issued a statement to the public on the occasion of three weeks since the beginning of the war and the new phase it has entered.

Yair Amar, JFeed Staff | 28.10.23

Israel-Gaza War

Netanyahu, Gallant, and Herzi: We're Working Together

The Prime Minister, Defense Minister, and Chief of Staff gave a brief statement tonight (Monday) that their decisions are based on full mutual cooperation.

JFeed | 24.10.23

"It's Time for War"

The Chief of Staff in his first statement: "It's time for war"

The Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi, said in a discussion at Southern Command: "We have civilians, security forces personnel, and soldiers in the hands of the enemy. Therefore, it is a time for war. Not an operation! Not a round. War! And within this war, the IDF will act strongly and prevail"

Arye Yoeli, JFeed Staff | 08.10.23

A Special Meeting

Special meeting: the children of the commanders in the Sukkah of the Chief of Staff. Watch

Herzi Halevi invited the children of army personnel to his sukkah in the Kirya. Halevi and the children discussed his and their parents' service and told them: "The sukkah is a temporary home, and the State of Israel is our permanent home. Your parents are defending it"

JFeed | 01.10.23

The Chief of Staff Sharply Criticized

The Chief of Staff attacks the reserve refusers for the first time

The Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Halevi, sharply criticized the reservists during the gathering to mark the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War: "Calls for refusing to perform security tasks in the reserves harm security and the IDF"

Liran Vainshtain, JFeed Staff | 27.09.23

"Listen to The Chief of Staff's Call"

Head of Efrat Local Council: "Listen to the Chief of Staff's call"

The head of the Efrat Local Council, Oded Revivi, calls for standing shoulder to shoulder with the Chief of Staff and strengthening the army. According to him: "The IDF is the unifying and connecting force, it is important to preserve, strengthen and strengthen the people's army in these days."

JFeed | 06.09.23

The Chief of Staff Conducted an Audit

Towards an escalation? The Chief of Staff conducted an audit of the emergency warehouses

Chief of Staff Hertzi Halevi, arrived at the reserve division of the Northern Command and examined the suitability of the emergency warehouses there. At the end of the visit, the Chief of Staff addressed the fear of escalation and emphasized that the cohesion and competence of the IDF must be maintained

Eliyau Luksenberg, JFeed | 06.09.23