"Zero Tolerance"

The policeman's injury: "We will behave with zero tolerance towards lawbreakers"

The Commissioner of Police spoke with the commanders of a policeman from the Yarkon area who was seriously injured in the head last night in a riot during the Ethiopian protest. "We will get to each and every one of them as we got to the suspect in the attempted murder of the policeman last week"

(Photo: Itai Ron/Flash90)

The violence in the Ethiopian protest. Israel Police Commissioner, Chief Superintendent Yaakov Shabtai spoke with the commanders of a police officer from the Yarkon Regional Police who was seriously injured last night as a result of an object thrown at him while he was part of the police security force of the protest in Kaplan.

Shabtai heard from policeman's commanders about the sequence of violent events during the protest, which culminated in the injuries of six police officers who were part of the police security force accompanying the protest throughout the evening in a patient manner, engaging in dialogue that began even before the protest and continued throughout its entirety.

The Commissioner: "We are witnessing a severe injury to an officer for the second consecutive week, which should raise a red flag for all of us regarding the ease with which officers who diligently perform their duties are subjected to such violent attacks. Last week, there was an attempted murder of an officer, and last night, a severe injury of an officer who required surgery, along with injuries to five more officers. The Israel Police will hold those who chose to trample the law recklessly and harm officers, who accommodated the protest and ensured the security of the demonstrators and the entire public during the protest, accountable.

"I return and emphasize that the Israel Police regards the right to protest as a cornerstone of a democratic state and allows demonstrations as long as they are conducted within the framework of the law. However, simultaneously, we will have zero tolerance towards those who violate the law and will reach each and every one of them, just as we did with the suspect in the attempted murder of the officer last week. On behalf of the Israel Police, I wish a speedy recovery to the injured officers and assure that we will not move on until we bring to justice anyone who harmed officers and violated the law."


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Fake News

Israel Police Clarifies: The Commissioner is not Calling You in for Interrogation

Many citizens report receiving a summons for investigation from Commissioner Shabtai, the police inform that it is fake news and that the content of the message should be ignored and the sender blocked.

JFeed Staff | 03.01.24

"Zero Tolerance"

Commissioner: "There is a Limit to Incitement, We will Show Zero Tolerance"

Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai strongly criticized the incitement in support of Hamas and emphasized that the police will show zero tolerance. He stated, "It is inconceivable that after such a massacre that the State of Israel has gone through, and after soldiers are killed, some here will praise Hamas."

| JFeed | 24.10.23


Israel at War: Security Response Teams Also Forming in Cities

After acquiring 4,000 rifles for security response teams in rural areas, minister Ben Gvir and the Police Commissioner announced the expansion of response teams to the Israeli urban sphere.

JFeed | 16.10.23

The Commissioner Requests

Commissioner: "Avoid spreading false information"

Israel Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai has requested the public to follow the Home Front Command's instructions and refrain from spreading false information and videos, stating that they can create unnecessary panic in the public

Liran Vainshtain, JFeed Staff | 07.10.23

The Number of Protestors

The commissioner estimates: this is the number of protestors who participated in the demonstrations

The Commissioner, Kobi Shabtai, addressed the police's conduct during the recent protests and said, "It should be recorded in the pages of history." Regarding crime in the Arab sector, he stated, "The police are operating at full capacity to combat terrorism"

JFeed | 04.09.23

Shabtai and Ben Gvir Speak

Ben Gvir answers the Commissioner: "That's how it is in a democracy"

During a changing of the Border Guard ceremony at the border, Minister Ben Gvir emphasized that the police force is not political and made it clear to the Commissioner: "The police will operate in accordance with the policy set by the people, as a state institution without politics, that's how it is in a democracy."

JFeed | 16.08.23

An Increase in the Number of Police Officers

Change of direction in the police: Increase in the number of officers

The wave of resignations in the police has slowed down. A 15% decrease in the resignations of permanent personnel has been recorded compared to the same period last year. The Commissioner: "The benefits package provided to officers has made the police a stable workplace"

JFeed | 10.08.23