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Ian Ziering Shares
Hollywood Star: "I would like to Celebrate My Children's Bar and Bat Mitzvah in Israel"

In a first glimpse of the new season of "Goalstar" starring him, the Hollywood star Ian Ziering shares that he would be happy to pass on the values ​​of Judaism to his children as well.

Rinat Kramer Jablinowitz, JFeed Staff | 01.01.24

New Film

In Shadow of the War: New Film About Massacre of Jews of Lisbon

In chilling timing with the Black Sabbath massacre, a new film is released which recreates the historical events that happened in Lisbon in 1506, in which thousands of Jews were murdered.

Rinat Kramer Jablinowitz, JFeed Staff | 01.01.24

Rights to Mickey Mouse

No Longer Theirs: Disney Loses the Rights to Mickey Mouse

After almost 100 years in which the Disney company fought for the rights to the well-known character of Mickey Mouse, the character of the human mouse will belong to everyone from 2024.

Rinat Kramer Jablinowitz, JFeed Staff | 31.12.23

Israel-Gaza War, Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld Visits Israel With Family in a Show of Solidarity

The comedian has posted regularly on his Instagram account in support of Israel and the Jewish State since October 7.

| Avi Woolf | 18.12.23

Drug Addiction, Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry's Death from a Ketamine Overdose Shows the Dangers of a Powerful Treatment Drug

Ketamine use has skyrocketed to deal with various ailments, but while beneficial in controlled environments, it can be dangerous if abused or misused.

| Avi Woolf | 18.12.23

"We are a Family"

"We are a Family": The 'Friends' Cast Says Goodbye to Matthew Perry

After not responding to the sudden death of their friend Matthew Perry, the original cast of 'Friends' released a joint statement: "As time goes on, we will say more, as much as we can."

Rinat Kramer Jablinowitz, JFeed Staff | 31.10.23

Matthew Perry has Died

"Friends" Star Matthew Perry has Died at the Age of 54

The American actor Matthew Perry, who played the character of Chandler Bing in the series "Friends", passed away at the age of 54. It was reported in the American media that Perry drowned at his home in Los Angeles - but at this stage the investigation of the circumstances continues.

Rinat Kramer Jablinowitz, JFeed Staff | 29.10.23

"Leaving The Country"

The Israeli actor announced: "Leaving the country"

Moshe Ashkenazi, one of Israel's favorite actors ('Stupid', 'For her heroes fly', 'Dancing with the Stars', 'Honey Ball in the Middle', 'The Dream Owner', 'Encircling Milan' and more) announces that he, his wife and children - are moving into Thailand.

JFeed | 01.10.23

Winner of the Prestigious Film Award

Winner of the prestigious film award: the ultra-orthodox film that will move you

Ari Brodbecker, a 6-year-old Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) boy, is a child with autism who, against his will, is excluded from the Haredi community. In the documentary film created by his mother, filmmaker Henia Brodbecker, they are forced to look for another place that will accept someone who is different

Rinat Kramer Jablinowitz, JFeed Staff | 28.09.23

'Dumbledore' Passed Away

At the age of 82: the star of "Harry Potter" passed away

The British actor Michael Gambon, known for his role as Dumbledore from the "Harry Potter" films, passed away today (Thursday) at the age of 82. During his lifetime he played in more than 100 films and TV series

Rinat Kramer Jablinowitz, JFeed Staff | 28.09.23

The Screenwriters' Strike is Over

Back to work: The screenwriters' strike in Hollywood has come to an end

After 148 days of a strike by the Writers Guild of America, the guild has reached an agreement with the producers and the studios of television and film. Will we soon be able to see our favorite movies and TV series again?

Rinat Kramer Jablinowitz, JFeed Staff | 27.09.23

Kosher Big Brother

Big brother on kosher phones? The unusual request of the supporters of the ultra-Orthodox tenant

The supporters of the ultra-Orthodox tenant Yanki in the Big Brother house made an unusual request to allow voting through kosher phones in order to compare Yanki's chances and allow a true reflection of public opinion

Rinat Kramer Jablinowitz, JFeed | 30.08.23

"Past Lives": A Rare Film

"Past Lives": a rare film in the theatrical landscape | film review

The film "Past Lives" is a refreshing and unique movie that stands out from the mainstream blockbusters that flood the theaters, yet it doesn't warrant winning awards as some predict. Nevertheless, it's a simple and authentic film that dares to break away from the trends dominating Hollywood

Yehonatan Ben Sasson, Srugim News | 23.08.23

The Upcoming Modern 'Snow White'

"Walt Disney is turning over in his grave": the son of the director of 'Snow White' against the innovation

In the upcoming months, a live-action adaptation of the movie 'Snow White' will be hitting the screens, starring Gal Gadot. The son of the original film's director is expressing opposition against the production and its changes, claiming that they have ruined the creation in an attempt to adapt it to the modern world

Rinat Kramer Jablinowitz, Srugim News | 22.08.23

Surgeons in Israel

Decisions of life and death: a glimpse at the lives of surgeons in Israel

The Broadcasting Corporation Kan 11 in a new docu-series "Surgeons", which follows the personal lives and professional decisions of the best surgeons in Israel, and even presents documentation of groundbreaking and life-saving surgeries

Rinat Kramer Jablinowitz, Srugim News | 20.08.23

Ben Shapiro Angry at "Barbie"

Ben Shapiro watched the movie Barbie; And burned the doll and the net

The political commentator Ben Shapiro watched the movie "Barbie," and it upset him so much that he posted a 43-minute critique during which he burned several Barbie dolls

Yair Amar, Srugim News | 30.07.23