Rafah Crossing

Israel-Gaza War
Report: IDF now physically occupies whole Philadelphi Corridor

Gazan residents told Reuters that Israeli tanks have reached the Mediterranean coast, entirely cutting off Hamas from its above-ground supply lines via Egypt.

Avi Woolf | 07.06.24

Israel-Gaza War, Rafah

Rafah crossing to be opened under Palestinian auspices?

American pressure led to the reopening of Rafah crossing to humanitarian aid. Now Israel is looking into withdrawing IDF forces and letting a Palestinian force take over.

JFeed Staff | 30.05.24

Israel-Gaza War

Watch: Israel locates 1.5 km long tunnel in eastern Rafah packed with weapons and missiles

According to the IDF, the tunnel was found just 100 meters from the Rafah crossing and contained multiple weapons caches and a number of blast doors.

Avi Woolf | 29.05.24

Israel-Gaza War

IDF achieves full "operational" control of Philadelphi Corridor

At a meeting with soldiers at Rafah, Chief of Staff Halevi said that "entirely dismantling Hamas is a national mission of the State of Israel."

Avi Woolf | 29.05.24

Israel-Gaza War, Politics

Likud members to Netanyahu: There is no victory without control of Rafah and other crossings

12 Likud MKs led by Economy Minister Nir Barkat sent a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu opposing reported plans to hand the Rafah crossing over to Palestinian control.

Avi Woolf | 28.05.24

Israel-Gaza War, Egypt

Senior Egyptian source tells state media firefight between IDF and Egyptian soldiers due to fighting between IDF and Hamas

The source that due to bullets flying in several directions, the security detail on the other side of the border then followed procedures to target the source of the fire. 

Avi Woolf | 27.05.24

Israel-Gaza War, Egypt

Released for publication: One Egyptian soldier killed and others wounded in firefight with IDF at Rafah crossing

For reasons which are still unclear, a firefight broke out between IDF and Egyptian soldiers around Rafah crossing, leaving one Egyptian soldier dead and others wounded.

Avi Woolf | 27.05.24

Israel-Gaza War

Reports of gunfire between Israeli and Egyptian soldiers at Rafah crossing; no casualties reported

Israeli and Arab media are both reporting gunfire reported at Rafah crossing.

Avi Woolf | 27.05.24

Israel-Gaza War, Humanitarian Aid

Egypt hits back, saying Israel is responsible for the humanitarian crisis 

The Egyptian Foreign Minister made this statement following Foreign Minister Katz's claim that the key to resolving the humanitarian crisis in Gaza was in Egyptian hands.

Liran Vainshtain, Avi Woolf, JFeed Staff | 14.05.24

Israel-Gaza War, Humanitarian Aid

FM Katz: Key to preventing Gaza humanitarian crisis now in Egypt's hands

Minister Katz said he spoke with the British and German Foreign Ministers on the importance of getting Egypt to open the Rafah crossing to aid on the Egyptian side.

Avi Woolf | 14.05.24

Israel-Gaza War, Humanitarian Aid

Blinken demands Egypt open Rafah crossing to humanitarian aid

The Secretary of State spoke with the Egyptian Foreign Minister, demanding he open the Rafah border crossing to humanitarian aid and added that the flow of aid needed to be expanded both at Rafah and Kerem Shalom.

Avi Woolf, JFeed Staff | 14.05.24

Israel-Gaza War

Report: Israel's new demand following Biden's threats

A senior official in the American administration claimed that Israel wants to enter Rafah even if a ceasefire is implemented.

JFeed Staff | 09.05.24

Israel-Gaza War

Watch: IDF launches targeted raids within Rafah area

Some 30 terrorists have been eliminated and many targets hit as the IDF consolidates its limited hold in the Rafah area.

Avi Woolf | 08.05.24

Israel-Gaza War

Gallant: Rafah operation will continue until Hamas presence is eliminated or hostage deal reached

This statement comes on the heels of Prime Minister Netanyahu's statement regarding the purpose of the operation,

Avi Woolf | 07.05.24

Israel-Gaza War

Channel 14 military correspondent: At least 5,000 Hamas terrorists in Rafah

Noam Amir, Channel 14's military correspondent, said in an interview on the operation that, "the first day was definitely good."

JFeed Staff | 07.05.24

Israel-Gaza War

Gantz: Rafah operation also aimed at helping free hostages

Regarding Hamas' proposal, the war cabinet member said that "there are significant gaps, a delegation will be sent to Cairo."

Eliyahu Luksenberg, Liran Vainshatin, JFeed Staff | 07.05.24

Israel-Gaza War

Watch: IDF seizes Rafah-Egypt crossing

Following the attack on Kerem Shalom and the partial breakdown of talks with Hamas, the IDF has launched a limited operation to seize the Rafah crossing into Egypt and attacked terrorists and terror infrastructure.

Avi Woolf | 07.05.24

Israel-Gaza War, Hamas

Senior Hamas commander flees Gaza en-route to Egypt

Colonel Ayman Al-Batniji, who until recently served as spokesman for the Hamas police, managed to escape from the Strip along with his two sons through the Rafah crossing.

gila isaacson, JFeed Staff | 29.02.24

Israel-Gaza War, Rafah Crossing

Egyptian President makes stunning revelation: "We never closed the Rafah crossing to Palestinians"

Egyptian President el-Sisi claims that a hostage deal will be signed in the coming days and that his country never closed the Rafah crossing for Palestinians.

Yair Amar, JFeed Staff | 28.02.24

Israel-Gaza War, Rafah, Egypt

Report: Egypt Won't Try to Prevent Rafah Operation If Civilian Casualties Avoided

According to a report in Times of Israel and as conveyed by Army Radio, Egyptian officers told their counterparts that it would criticize but otherwise not try to prevent an operation in Rafah is steps are taken to protect civilians.

Avi Woolf | 11.02.24