Sinwar in handcuffs? The photo that has the web abuzz

A day after Defense Minister Gallant revealed that Hamas is looking for a replacement for its leader, the web is abuzz after a picture was published pertaining to show the arrest of someone closely resembling Sinwar.

JFeed Staff | 19.02.24

Eretz Nehederet

A Special Christmas Sketch From the Israeli Satire Show Eretz Nehederet

"The Gospel According to Berkeley," another new sharp and critical sketch was uploaded to the 'Eretz Nehederet' YouTube channel. Watch:

Abraham Gutman, JFeed Staff | 27.12.23

Two Births

Two Sisters Gave Birth Together; Their Husbands were Called Back from the Fighting

One room in the maternity ward D in Hadassah Ein Kerem is full of one family and two little cousins, who were born almost like twins. Beside them, their two mothers, and the two fathers who were specially called from the reserves for the happy occasion.

JFeed Staff | 26.12.23

Moving Meeting

Moving: Father Meets His Paratrooper Son and Bursts into Tears

A fighter from a paratrooper battalion met his father after 75 days and the meeting between them did not leave a single dry eye. At the meeting, the father hugged his son and asked God that all the soldiers would return safely.

| Chani Edri, JFeed Staff | 21.12.23

Israel-Gaza War, Shejaiya

Watch: Shejaiya Neighborhood has Turned into One Big Parking Lot

The houses were blown up and leveled by the bulldozers of the engineering corps (D-9). Residents of Nahal Oz across the border can see the ruins of what was once Gaza's terror capital.

| JFeed Staff | 20.12.23

Mosques, Hanukkah Songs

The Mosques in Jenin Play Hanukkah Songs

Palestinians complain that the loudspeakers of the mosques have started playing Hanukkah songs. Indeed, in the documentation from the city, the song "We came to drive out darkness" is heard, which takes on a new meaning these days. Watch.

| JFeed Staff | 13.12.23

Original Blessing

Jewish Astronaut in an Original Blessing for Hanukkah

The Jewish astronaut who is currently staying at the NASA space station sent an original Happy Hanukkah greeting to the Jews of the world. Watch the video.

| JFeed Staff | 10.12.23

Released Abductees

The Brodetz Siblings who were Released from Gaza Met their Beloved Dog

The Brodetz siblings, who were released from Hamas captivity two days ago as part of the third round, met at the hospital with their dog Rodney. Schneider Hospital: "The family members knew that nothing would make them happier than meeting their beloved dog." Watch.

Liran Vainshtain, JFeed Staff | 28.11.23

The Surprise that Awaited Herzog

Exciting: the Surprise that Awaited President Herzog in the Gaza Strip Envelope

During the visit of the President of the country and his wife Michal to the Gaza Strip Envelope, their son, a soldier, arrived at the scene after leaving the fighting inside Gaza to refresh himself and met with his excited parents. Watch.

Liran Vainshtain, JFeed Staff | 27.11.23

Gila Sacks: "Do Not Despair"

Despair is not a Jewish Emotion: The Moving Speech of Gila Sacks. Watch

"Despair is not an emotion of the Jewish people. Do not despair, do not forget why we are here." Watch the moving speech of Gila Sacks, daughter of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks at the memorial service at Carnegie Hall in New York.

JFeed | 15.11.23

Israel - Gaza War

Photo of the Day: The Israeli Flag at Al Quds University in Gaza

IDF fighters occupied the Al-Quds University campus in the prestigious Rimal neighborhood in Gaza. The soldiers posed for a photo with the Israeli flag, next to what remained of the university buildings.

JFeed | 15.11.23

Israel-Gaza War, Online Storm

An Innocent Photoshop Request Turned into an Online Storm

A fighter who asked a photoshop group to process a photo he took in Gaza caused a stir on social media when the edited photo caused a celebration among users.

| Yehuda Klein, JFeed Staff | 13.11.23

Photo Of The Day

Photo of the day: Documenting the departure of an interceptor of an arrow missile

Defense Ministry cameras recorded the operational launch of an arrow missile from the south of the country. The launch was carried out by the Air Force's air defense fighters against rockets fired by the Houthis from Yemen. 

JFeed | 13.11.23

The Funeral of Lieutenant Benny Weiss

Hundreds Accompanied the Funeral Procession of Lieutenant Benny Weiss with Israeli Flags

Hundreds of Haifa residents accompanied Lieutenant Benny Weiss, who fell in the battle in the Gaza Strip, as they stood in a chain of Israeli flags from his home in Neve Sha'anan towards the military cemetery at the southern entrance to the city. Watch.

JFeed | 05.11.23


The Sin and Its Punishment: She Took Down an Ad About Abductees and was Cut by a Razor

A woman in the United States documented herself on how she accidentally cut herself with a razor while attempting to remove the ads about captives. Many internet users worldwide criticized her for the act.

Chani Edri, JFeed Staff | 02.11.23

The Houthi Militia

The Houthi Militia Released a Song About the War

The Houthi militia, who decided to join the fight against Israel, released a video in which Yemeni army soldiers appear, pledging to drive out the Zionist invaders and liberate the Palestinians.

JFeed | 02.11.23

Picture of the Day

Picture of the Day: This is What Hangs on the D9 Combat Engineers' Barrel

Operators of the Engineering Equipment who operate the D9 bulldozers in Gaza hang dozens of photos on the tractors, sent to them by children of Israel along with well-wishes and blessings. This is our Picture of the Day.

Arye Yoeli, JFeed Staff | 31.10.23

"No Peace"

The News Anchor from Channel 12 Called for Peace and was Interrupted with "Your Filthy People"

The commentator on Arab Affairs for Channel 12, Mohammad Majadla, argued that after the war, there must be peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Viewers responded critically, saying, "There is no peace with Nazis."

JFeed | 22.10.23

The Israeli Flag is Re-raised

Watch: The Israeli Flag is Re-raised at the Military Cemetery in Re'im

After the terrible massacre in Kibbutz Re'im and its surroundings, David Ivgi, an employee from the Ministry of Defense, arrived and once again raised the flag of Israel that had been torn and desecrated by Hamas terrorists. | Watch.

Chani Edri, JFeed Staff | 18.10.23

Hamas TV Channel

Watch: The IDF Took Over the Hamas TV Channel

The message displayed on the TV screens in the Gaza Strip warned residents to stay away from places where terrorist organizations are located, saying, "Run while you still can."

JFeed | 12.10.23