Tel Aviv

Anti-Government Protests
71-year-old man who ran over left-wing protesters in Tel Aviv to have his detention extended

The driver suspected of running over protesters last night was questioned overnight. According to police, he is suspected of endangering human life while driving.

Oz Israel Schwartz, JFeed Staff | 07.04.24

Local Elections, Tel Aviv

Close Race for Tel Aviv Mayor

A new Maariv poll shows a close race between incumbent Mayor Ron Huldai and challenger Orna Barbivai.

JFeed Staff | 09.02.24

Missing Person

Have You Seen Yael? The Police are Asking for Help in the Search

The police are looking for the missing Yael Saada, 45, from Szold Street in Kiryat Shmona, who is staying at a hotel in Tel Aviv. She was last seen yesterday and has since disappeared.

JFeed Staff | 08.01.24

Heavy Barrage

Heavy Barrage: 30 Rockets were Launched into the Cities of Gush Dan, the Shfela and the South

About thirty rockets were intercepted during the latest launch from the Gaza Strip towards the cities of the center, the Shfela and the south while many Israeli children were at school.

JFeed Staff | 21.12.23

Changes in Traffic Regulations

The Abductees Rally on Saturday Night: Changes in Traffic Regulations in Tel Aviv

The police announced that following the abductees rally this coming Saturday evening, changes will be made to traffic regulations in Tel Aviv. All the details

JFeed Staff | 21.12.23

New Temporary Housing Complex

After 72 Days: Kibbutz Re'im Inaugurated the Temporary Housing Complex

Kibbutz Re'im in the heart of Tel Aviv: The Minister of Construction and Housing inaugurated the new housing complex opened for the benefit of Kibbutz Re'im evacuees in the city. Three day care centers and kindergartens, a community center and a treatment room were inaugurated in the complex for the benefit of the members of the kibbutz.

JFeed Staff | 17.12.23

Illegal Residents Caught in Tel Aviv

Police were Called to a Restaurant in Tel Aviv, this is what they Found in the Fridge

Two illegal residents broke into a restaurant in Tel Aviv, policemen who were called to the scene caught them when one of them was hiding in a refrigerator.

JFeed Staff | 17.12.23

Israel-Gaza Wars, Religion

Watch: Leftwing Activists Make Muezzin Calls in Tel Aviv Great Synagogue 

The action was likely taken as a reaction to IDF soldiers saying "Shema Yisrael" in a Jenin mosque. Watch:

JFeed Staff | 14.12.23

Israel At War

Direct Hit on a House in Holon, a Person was Slightly Injured

Alarms were sounded in the settlements of Gush Dan and Shephelah, and at least 9 interceptions were recorded over Tel Aviv. There was also a report of direct damage to a building in Holon, one person was slightly injured and heavy damage was caused to the building.

JFeed Staff | 11.12.23

Rocket FragmentLanded in Tel Aviv

Documentation: They Left the Protected Space Ahead of Time and this is what Happened. Watch.

Two Tel Aviv residents who left the protected area before the time specified in the instructions almost paid for it with their lives, when a huge fragment of a rocket landed a few centimeters from them. View the documentation.

| JFeed Staff | 05.12.23

Israel-Gaza War

Sirens in Tel Aviv and the Dan Bloc

A relatively large rocket salvo was fired towards Tel Aviv and surrounding areas. No casualties were reported.

JFeed Staff | 05.12.23

Tel Aviv, Cost of Living

Economist: Tel Aviv No Longer Most Expensive City to Live In

Tel Aviv, previously ranked at the top of the list of most expensive cities, now ranks eighth. The effects of the war may change this in both directions.

Avi Woolf | 30.11.23

Toddler Found Wandering Alone

An Unusual Event in Tel Aviv: "He didn't Know Where He Lived"

A two-year-old toddler was found this morning wandering alone on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv: "He talked to us, was interested in the ambulance and couldn't say where he lived."

Guy Ezra, JFeed Staff | 20.11.23

A Noose In Tel Aviv

A noose was placed in Tel Aviv for Hamas terrorists

A huge noose display demanding the death penalty for the Hamas terrorists who carried out the massacre in the settlements surrounding Gaza on October 7 was placed in the center of Tel Aviv today. A death penalty law for terrorists exists but has never been implemented.

JFeed | 12.11.23

3 Injured from Rocket Falls

Alarms in Gush Dan, the Shfela and the Sharon: 3 Injured from Rocket Falls

Sirens were heard in Gush Dan, Shfela, and Sharon communities after a heavy barrage of rockets was launched from Gaza. At least 12 interceptions were recorded in the central area, and three people were injured in Be'er Ya'akov and Holon.

JFeed | 24.10.23

Avri Gilad Publishes

Avri Gilad also Publishes: Arabs Photograph Houses in Tel Aviv

In the past few days, many residents of central cities have reported that Arabs are coming and filming the entrances to houses and buildings. Media personality Avri Gilad describes that his own building was also photographed and warns of potential danger.

Yehudit Lazarovitch, JFeed Staff | 19.10.23

1391 Torches

1391 Torches were Lit in Dizengoff Square in Memory of the Murdered

1391 torches were lit around the fountain in Dizengoff Square, Tel Aviv, in memory of the number of casualties in the "Swords of Iron" war. The CEO of the Youth of Light Association, who provided the torches, stated: "After darkness, light comes."

JFeed | 12.10.23

Udi Klein

The principal suspected of indecent acts with the students was questioned by the police

The director of the School of the Arts in Tel Aviv was brought in for police investigation, after it was revealed that he had illicit relationships with minor students and was suspected of committing indecent acts with them

Yair Amar, JFeed Staff | 04.10.23

A Man Drowned in Tel Aviv

A man drowned at Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv, his condition is serious

At Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv, a man around the age of 50 was rescued from the sea after drowning. He was taken to Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv in an unconscious state

JFeed | 02.10.23

Rosh Yehudi Tel Aviv

Following Rosh Yehudi's petition: the judge asked to come to an understanding

The court ordered the Municipality of Tel Aviv and the Rosh Yehudi organization to meet immediately and come to an understanding regarding the Sukkot holiday events planned by the organization. According to Rosh Yehudi: "We are asking for business-like conduct on the part of the municipality"

Liran Vainshtain, JFeed Staff | 30.09.23