A Story for Tu B'Av

"I was at the wedding of my grandparents": A story for Tu B'Av

In honor of Tu B'Av, which falls today (Wednesday), I brought you the special story of my grandparents' wedding. They decided to divorce, lived together, and after about three decades, they decided to remarry

(Photo: Abir Mor)

Not many grandchildren and children can say the following sentence: "I was at the wedding of my grandparents/Mom and Dad," but I can actually say it. How did it happen? What led to this unusual situation where a grandchild is present at the wedding of their grandparents? To understand this, we'll need to go back in time.

My grandparents, Yehudit and Albert Paz, immigrated from the city of Salé in Morocco. They were neighbors back in Morocco, and when they arrived in Israel, they settled in the famous Musrara neighborhood, where many immigrants found their home.

My grandfather is sitting to sign the marriage contract with the rabbi who is officiating the ceremony (Photo: Abir Mor)

In the year 1961, they got married in the backyard of my grandmother's parents' house, next to the olive tree that still stands there today (many years after my grandmother's parents' house was sold). My grandmother gave birth to my mother, their firstborn daughter, and when she turned one year old, my grandfather and grandmother took the little baby, moved to Ashkelon, and lived in the "Atikot Gimel" neighborhood. They lived as a married couple for 19 years, brought three more children into the world, and then decided to divorce in 1980.

My grandfather moved to live in Tel Aviv with my grandmother's brother, with whom he had a good relationship, and he lived with him for a few months. Afterward, he returned to live with my grandmother, and they continued their lives together. Over time, the grandchildren (including myself) were born, and except for the parents, most of the grandchildren didn't know that my grandparents were not married. Furthermore, most of their close surroundings were unaware of the divorce because after a few months from the decision, they were already back living together.

(Photo: Abir Mor)

Around the time I was in eighth grade (in the year 2010), one of my older cousins told us about it, and after a year, they decided to remarry. We all attended the exciting evening that took place at the Algerian Synagogue, where my grandfather prays near their home, and all of us, the children and grandchildren, were part of the emotional event. We had the honor of holding the canopy for my grandfather and grandmother and witnessing them entering into the covenant of marriage once again. The wedding took place in March 2011, and afterwards, they were pronounced as newlyweds.

As a grandchild of this special couple, it was a unique event that not every grandchild or child gets to experience. In most cases, second marriages do not involve the same person, especially not at an older age. Therefore, for me and my family, it was a great privilege to be present at this emotional moment.


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