Rosh HaShanah in Uman

Amidst the War: Preparations for the New Year in Uman

As part of the preparations for the travel of thousands of Israelis to the Rosh Hashanah prayers in Uman, Minister Meir Porush toured the airport in Kishinev and met with the heads of Ukraine's border system. Due to the war, significant efforts are being made to find convenient entry methods for Israelis

Tomb of Rabbi Nachman in Uman (Photo: Flash 90)

Jerusalem and Israeli Tradition Minister, Meir Porush, arrived on a working visit to Moldova to discuss preparations for the passage of thousands of Israelis on their way to the Rosh Hashanah prayers at the tomb of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov in Uman. During the rest of the visit, Minister Porush is expected to join the meetings of Foreign Minister Eli Cohen with senior Ukrainian and Moldovan officials to discuss easing the passage.

Minister Porush toured together with the Chief Rabbi of Moldova, Rabbi Pinchas Zaltzman, and the Chairman of the Secretariat of Breslov Hasidim, Nachman Benshaiya, at the Kishinev Airport, examining the possibilities for increasing capacity and manpower in order to facilitate the passage of additional thousands of Hasidim through Moldova.

The Moldavian representatives: "We welcome the Israelis"

The delegation met with senior officials of Ukraine's border control system and the management of Kishinev Airport in order to present solutions that would facilitate the travel of Israelis from the airport to the border on their way to Uman, while preventing difficulties and delays arising from inadequate preparation.

(Photo: Minister's Spokesperson)

During the meeting, a series of proposals were raised to enhance the mass transportation system and crowd management on-site. Representatives from the Moldovan authorities expressed their willingness to cooperate with Israel and welcome Israelis traveling through their country to Uman. An examination of the various options was concluded, and ongoing communication on the matter was established.

Because of the war: many Israelis will travel through Moldova

Tomorrow, Minister Porush will join the meetings of Foreign Minister Eli Cohen with the President of Moldova, the Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister, and other senior officials. They will discuss, among other things, easing the passage of travelers and will also present to Moldova's authorities the plan they have been developing on the matter.

According to estimates, dozens of Israelis traveling to Uman are expected to pass through the airport in Kishinev this year, and therefore the main preparation is in the Moldovan region. At the same time, contacts continue with the other countries bordering Ukraine, from where many thousands more are expected to arrive.

The Minister's meeting in Moldova (Photo: Minister's Spokesperson)

It should be noted that parallel to the work in the bordering countries, there is a significant diplomatic effort led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in dealing with the Ukrainian authorities in order to arrange border crossings on the Ukrainian side and ensure the safe travel of Israelis from the border to the city of Uman, despite the ongoing conflict in the country.

Minister Porush: "There is readiness to achieve an efficient framework"

At the end of the tour, Minister Porush conveyed: "Following our meeting with the relevant authorities on the ground, we are discovering a willingness to collaborate and jointly formulate an efficient and practical framework to facilitate the journey of Breslov Hasidim to the holy site of Rabbi Nachman in Uman for Rosh Hashanah. I thank Foreign Minister Eli Cohen for recognizing the importance of dedicating efforts to assist in this matter and for leading, along with the professionals at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a change in approach regarding the Breslov Hasidic tradition of spending Rosh Hashanah in Uman."

The minister on his work tour (Photo: Minister's Spokesperson)

Rabbi Menachem Zaltsman, the Chief Rabbi of Moldova, also addressed the preparations: "This year's forecast is that most of the worshippers who will come to Uman will pass through Moldova. Collaboration and synchronization among all stakeholders are critical to ensure that the passage of the Hasidim will proceed smoothly."


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