A Huge Achievement: Immigration Data

A huge achievement: this is the number of immigrants who immigrated to Israel this year

The Ministry of Aliyah and Integration publishes the immigration data for the year 5783 (תשפ"ג): How many immigrants came to Israel and where did only 8 immigrants come from? All the details

(Photo: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90)

From Rosh Hashanah last year until Rosh Hashanah that will occur tomorrow evening, 63,956 new immigrants arrived in the country, with the majority of them arriving in November 2022 – 8,515 immigrants in total.

According to the data from the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration, 36,610 were absorbed immediately upon their arrival in the country, while 27,346 were absorbed after landing and being received at the ministry's regional offices.

The majority of the immigrants, 14,156 of them, are children up to the age of 18. The next largest age group is adults aged 35-44, which includes 12,080 immigrants.

Additionally, from the data, it can be seen that out of all the immigrants, the highest number arrived from Russia (47,561). The majority of them, 23,980, settled in the Tel Aviv and Central districts. Following that, there were immigrants from Ukraine, numbering 3,280, with most of them settling in the Haifa and Northern districts (1,496). The next country from which a significant number of immigrants arrived is the United States (2,395), with the majority of them, 1,214, settling in the Jerusalem and Southern districts.

Eight immigrants came to Israel from various parts of the world on their own, including Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Vietnam, Macedonia, and Bermuda.

From the Asian continent and Eastern Europe, the majority of immigrants who arrived in the past year are from Russia. The largest number of immigrants from Europe came from France (1,097). From North America, more immigrants arrived from the United States (2,396), and from the southern continent, most immigrants came from Argentina (626). From Africa, the majority of immigrants are from Ethiopia (1,719), and from Australia, the one and only, 131 immigrants arrived this year.

Among the settlements that absorbed immigrants, there was a close competition between Haifa and Tel Aviv, with Tel Aviv-Yafo reaching the finals with 8,942 immigrants. Haifa absorbed 8,738 immigrants. After them, Netanya received 6,174 immigrants. The southern city of Eilat absorbed 642 immigrants, while the northern city of Kiryat Shmona received 37 immigrants. Hebron, Avnei Eitan, Orah, Ein Gedi, Rosh Pina, Tirat Tzvi, and Sde Boker are among the 91 settlements that absorbed one immigrant each.

In terms of employment, the majority of women immigrants are engaged in the field of commerce and marketing (6,260 women), followed by the field of humanities and social sciences (2,059).

In the case of male immigrants, the majority of them are also employed in the field of commerce and marketing (6,248), followed by the field of technology and engineering (4,591).

In addition to them, approximately 1,890 male and female immigrants are doctors, 1,163 are artists and athletes, and 1,817 immigrants are from the field of education.

Furthermore, this year, 155 physicists, 934 lawyers, 2,082 students, 187 interior designers, 101 entrepreneurs, one DJ, around 1,345 academics, and 74 fitness trainers immigrated. Of all the immigrants, 21,840 have engineering degrees, and 16,480 have academic degrees.

Minister of Aliyah and Integration, Ofir Sofer, commented on the data and said, "I want to wish all the immigrants a good and sweet year. We are in a very challenging period. When I took office as Minister of Aliyah and Integration, the ministry was functioning in emergency mode, and I had to transition the ministry to full operation alongside the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, which may last for many years."

In order to assist in the optimal absorption of the many immigrants, the ministry invests tens of millions of shekels in Hebrew language studies, in addition to direct involvement in resolving the crisis of the Ulpan teachers. Furthermore, we strengthen diverse educational programs for immigrant children, work on employment placement, and with the help of God, we will also bring important news in the field of housing."


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