Anti-Semitism, Brooklyn

Family of Jewish woman assaulted at 5th-grade graduation sues NYC for $100 million

After being assaulted by a Muslim family shouting 'free Palestine' at a Brooklyn elementary school graduation, a family accuses the school of condoning antisemitic incitement that triggered the attack.

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The New York Post reports that Johan Nunez and Lana Lerner, a Jewish couple, are preparing a $100 million lawsuit against New York City following an antisemitic attack at their children's elementary school graduation in Brooklyn.

The altercation began when a student wore a "Free Palestine" cap and waved a Palestinian flag during the ceremony. Afterward, the student's family confronted Nunez and Lerner during a photo session, leading to Johan being assaulted from behind, choked, punched, and kicked, while their son and Lana were also subjected to violence.


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US Elections 2024, Trump, Joe Biden, Presidential race

Breaking: Biden Drops Out of U.S. Presidential Race

President of the United States, Joe Biden, announced this evening (Sunday) that he will withdraw from the race for the U.S. presidency against Donald Trump, just three months before the elections scheduled for November.

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Paris Olympics, Antisemitism

Shocking: French MP calls to ban Israeli Flag at Paris Olympics

Olympic controversy erupts: French lawmaker demands Israeli flag ban, sparking diplomatic row and security concerns ahead of Paris Games.

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Israel-Gaza War, Berkeley, Antisemitism

Legal battle intensifies over antisemitism allegations at UC Berkeley

The Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law has filed a complaint against UC Berkeley, accusing the school of pervasive antisemitism– The university is now attempting to dismiss this complaint.

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Israel-Gaza War, Antisemitism, Protests

Chaos at SOAS: Anti-Israel encampment faces shutdown after allegations of drug possession and assault 

SOAS officials described the situation as "unmanageable," revealing that the camp had attracted individuals with no university affiliation, including "homeless people and persons wanted by the police." 

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RNC, Harvard, Antisemitism

UPDATED with video– MUST WATCH: How Harvard grad Shabbos Kestenbaum wowed everyone at the RNC

Shabbos Kestenbaum: How one student's stand against Harvard is reshaping political alliances and challenging community norms.

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Columbia, Antisemitism, Funding

Billionaire Mort Zuckerman pulls $200 million donation from Columbia University

Mega-donor Mort Zuckerman pulls the plug on millions in funding, resulting from dissatisfaction in how Columbia has handled virulent antisemitism on its campus.

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England, Antisemitism, Israel War

Leeds gas firm's shocking antisemitic rants ignite outrage

Lindley Gas Services, run by Nahim Majid, is facing backlash for inflammatory posts on its Facebook page, calling for attacks on "filthy Zionists" and comparing Israel to Nazi Germany. 

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Spain, Israel-Gaza War, Antisemitism

Why Jews in Spain are feeling increasingly uneasy 

As Spain recognizes Palestinian statehood, its Jewish community faces an uncertain future with antisemitism on the rise and diplomatic tensions mounting.

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Israel-Gaza War, England, Antisemitism

Royal Academy Removes Controversial Gaza Artworks Amid Jewish Community Concerns

After protests from Jewish leaders, the Royal Academy of Arts in London has removed two disturbing pieces of art, but a third contentious piece still remains on display.

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Anti-Semitism, Washington DC, Assault

Assault on Jewish man investigated by DC police as antisemitic hate incident

Following the attack, Ariel Golfeyz, 31, expresses insecurity about wearing a kippah in public.

Avi Nachmani | 14.07.24

McGill University, Canada, Anti-Semitism

McGill University takes down pro-Palestinian encampment on its grounds

After weeks of protests on the downtown campus, Montreal police cleared the site and arrested a protester for assaulting a security agent.

Avi Nachmani | 11.07.24

Anti-Semitism, New York City

Shocking Poll: 50% of Jewish Voters Believe New York is Unsafe

The New York Solidarity Network poll shows that nearly half of Jewish voters in New York have felt at risk because of their religious identity, 

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