Soccer Fans Scammed

Caution: A resident of Holon scammed football fans for thousands of shekels

An indictment was filed against a resident of Holon who deceived soccer fans and culture consumers for tens of thousands of shekels, using fake profiles on social networks

Maccabi Haifa fans (Photo by: Yehonatan Zindel/Flash90)

In every soccer season, stories arise about soccer fans who are willing to pay thousands of shekels to see their beloved team, and about scammers who exploit the situation. Today (Wednesday), a lawsuit was filed against a resident of Holon who defrauded victims of tens of thousands of shekels by selling counterfeit tickets.

Several months ago, a complaint was received by the police regarding suspicion of fraud in the sale of tickets for soccer matches and concerts. The police initiated an investigation, and this morning, a statement of claim was filed against a resident of Holon, suspected of defrauding dozens of victims through the sale of counterfeit tickets and coercing his partner into prostitution.

Stole money from soccer fans worth tens of thousands of shekels

During the covert investigation, a substantial evidentiary infrastructure was built to uncover fraudulent activities. The suspect was posting advertisements for the sale of tickets and subscriptions to soccer teams on social media, using fake profiles on social networks.

Use of social media (Screenshot)

The suspect received the money through bank transfers or by withdrawing cash using a cardless code. As the investigation unfolded, over 60 complaints of fraud were accumulated, amounting to tens of thousands of shekels. Simultaneously, another investigation was opened against the suspect for pimping his partner.


On July 2, 2023, the police arrested the suspect at his home in Holon, and his detention has been extended as needed for the investigation. As mentioned, a statement of claim was filed against the suspect - a 35-year-old resident of Holon, and in the coming days, an indictment will be filed against him regarding the charges attributed to him.


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