Gang of Criminals Arrested

A gang of criminals was arrested with a million NIS and weapons

Two suspects, residents of Rahat and Ramla, were apprehended after being found in possession of one million NIS and weapons, including 87 gold coins. They were transferred for further police investigation

(Photo: Police Spokesperson)

Two suspects, residents of Rahat and Ramla in their 20s, were arrested after they were found in possession of a million NIS and weapons.

As part of an operation conducted by the IDF's Border Police and the Southern District Police, a search was carried out yesterday (Monday) in the city of Rahat against a suspect as part of the force's struggle against inter-family crime conflicts. The search took place at his mother's house, who is suspected of being an active participant in the conflict and of possessing combat equipment that was stored at her home for the family's benefit.

During the search, security forces seized significant amounts of money, including 742,000 NIS, 4,400 dollars, and 87 gold coins with a total value of approximately 348,000 NIS. In total, the value of the seized amount was estimated at one million shekels.

(Photo: Israel Police)

It was also reported that during the security forces' activity in the city of Rahat, intelligence was received about another target where the suspect holds combat equipment in Ramla. Following the report, police forces raided the suspect's residence in Ramla and conducted a search during which an XDM-type handgun with a magazine was seized.

As mentioned, at the end of the operation, Border Police fighters arrested two suspects, residents of Rahat and Ramla, aged 47 and 22, and they were transferred for further investigation.


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