Fireworks Shot in the Center of Jerusalem

Fireworks shot at a hotel: "They tried to disturb the opponent's players"

Two suspects involved in firing fireworks at a hotel in central Jerusalem were arrested by the police. According to the suspicion, the incident was carried out by supporters of Beitar Jerusalem, who tried to disrupt the players of PAOK Saloniki, who will be playing against their team tonight

The fireworks that were seized (Photo: Police Spokesperson)

Last night (Wednesday), a report was received by the police regarding the sound of fireworks being fired towards a hotel in central Jerusalem. According to the suspicion, the individuals who shot the fireworks were several supporters of Beitar Jerusalem, who tried to disturb the rest of the PAOK Saloniki players, the Greek team that will play against Beitar Jerusalem tonight in the UEFA Conference League qualifiers.

They shot, ran away and were caught by Border Police officers

The officers of the Lev HaBira station, with the assistance and direction of the observations of the control center of the Jerusalem district, quickly arrived at the scene and identified the vehicle and its occupants involved in the acts, and seized beehives of fireworks after use. There were no casualties and no damage was caused in the incident.

At one point, when the occupants of the vehicle recognized the police officers, they fled the scene towards the north of Jerusalem until they were stopped by Shalem station police officers and Border Police soldiers. They were found to be in possession of fireworks parts.

The hives of fireworks that were seized (Photo: Police Spokesperson)

The three suspects (in their 20s, residents of Ma'ale Adumim) who were arrested by the police, were taken to the Lev HaBira station for questioning and later today they will be brought to the court to discuss the extension of their detention.


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