Ben Gvir's Approach to Crime

Ben Gvir: "Examining additional sanctions, the indulgences are over"

The Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir, bolstered the Shabas (prison service) in the face of the uproar from families of criminals. According to him, "The days are over when Cottier could exert pressure on the system"

(Photo: Yonatan Sindel, Flash 90)

Against the backdrop of the disturbances by criminal inmates this morning (Sunday), the Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir, strengthened the Shabas (prison service) and sent a message to criminal organizations: "The days of indulgence are over. I am reinforcing and commending the determined efforts of the Shabas in dealing with the criminal family of Cottier."

Furthermore, the Minister also stated, "I instructed the Shabas personnel to continue their resolute activities and not provide any leniency to the prisoners. In these days, I am considering additional sanctions that can be imposed on prisoners from criminal families. Just as such, I expect a significant penalty that will send a clear message to Cottier that the days of indulgence are over, and the period in which he could exert pressure on the system has come to an end."

As previously reported, this morning (Sunday), disturbances broke out in the 'Rimonim' and 'Eshel' prisons, after criminal prisoners began to riot in their cells. Following the disturbances, special forces from the Prison Service were deployed to disperse the inmates. "Prison guards and fighters from the special units of the Shabas broke into the wings and extracted prisoners in order to disperse centers of power, using gas," it was reported. It was further emphasized that "the Prison Service will not allow any breaches of order and discipline in its facilities."

Last Thursday, there was a report of a detainee in Tel Aviv who was found unconscious in his cell by prison guards, who initiated resuscitation efforts. Subsequently, a intensive care unit was summoned to the scene and evacuated the detainee without pulse and breath to Wolfson Hospital, where his death was confirmed by a hospital physician.

According to the announcement from the Prison Service, the prisoner was a single resident of the central region, born in 1996. He was arrested on charges of robbery and was placed in detention at the beginning of the month, marking his second detention. It was also stated that notification was given to the prisoner's family. The Prison Service stated, "As in any event of this nature, the circumstances will be investigated."


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