A Car Thief Caught

After a chase on Highway 1: a 17-year-old without a license stole a car and was arrested

A car thief was arrested after attempting to flee from the police in a chase on Highway 1. The individual is an undocumented resident without a driver's license. The stolen car was returned to its owners in Ramat Gan

(Photo: Police Spokesperson)

Jerusalem district policemen arrested a car thief who tried to escape from them in a chase on Highway 1. He is a Palestinian, an illegal resident, who never issued a driver's license and he was transferred for questioning. The vehicle stolen from Ramat Gan was returned to its owner.

Last night (between Tuesday and Wednesday) a report was received by the police about a vehicle that continued its journey at the airport despite the security guards' demand to stop, and began traveling on Highway 1 towards Jerusalem. The Jerusalem District Police and the Traffic Division began operations to locate him and at a certain point they noticed the vehicle near the Harel Interchange and began following it.

After the officers instructed the driver to stop, he accelerated the vehicle's speed. He veered off the driving lane in an attempt to prevent the police mobility from blocking his path, until the officers managed to bring him to a halt. The suspect tried to continue escaping by reversing his vehicle but was unsuccessful, resulting in him colliding with a police car stopped behind him, causing minor damage. The officers apprehended the suspect who was driving the stolen vehicle.

During his questioning at the Harel station, it was revealed that the individual is a 17-year-old Palestinian, an undocumented resident of Anata, north of Jerusalem, who did not possess a driver's license. Additionally, it was determined that he was driving a car that had been stolen last night from the city of Ramat Gan. The owners arrived at the police station and reclaimed their stolen vehicle.

Israel Police stated that they will continue to act to ensure the security and property of the public. They will persist in carrying out determined operations to combat property offenses and to apprehend property offenders with the aim of bringing them to justice.


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