Arak in the Army Camp's Premises

The singer arrived with a bottle of arak; The GLA commander sent him out

Singer Moshe Peretz arrived at the IDF Radio studios with a bottle of arak, and was reprimanded by the station's commander, Danny Zaken. Following military orders, Peretz's associates removed the bottle from the base

(Photo: Omer Fishman/Flash90)

Mediterranean music singer Moshe Peretz arrived today at the Galatz radio studios as part of promoting his new song. According to the song's title, "Arak and Eshkoliot," Peretz came to the studio with an arak bottle.

According to the report by Shil Meshali from the 'Mako' website, it was reported that after the incident became known to Galatz commander, Danny Zaken, he approached Peretz and asked him to remove the arak bottle from the camp's premises, as it is against the IDF regulations.

Peretz's team members tried to explain that it was a humorous act to lift the mood, but ultimately, they had to return the bottle to the car.

On behalf of Moshe Peretz, it was stated, "Everything was done in good spirits, and even without the arak, we uplifted the studio's atmosphere."

The IDF spokesperson stated, "In accordance with military orders, the artist's team was asked to remove the alcoholic beverage from the station, and the request was immediately complied with. All of this was done in proper etiquette and in a pleasant manner."


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