Yael Bar Zohar Shares

Yael Bar Zohar reveals: "Thanks to Guy, I became more connected to religion"

The actress and presenter Yael Bar Zohar held a question and answer session on her Instagram page, where she was asked about her connection to religion: "from Friday's Kiddush to synagogue on holidays" and the upcoming Yom Kippur: "I try almost every Yom Kippur to pray in a synagogue"

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In 2005, actress and model Yael Bar-Zohar married actor and host Guy Zo-Aretz, and since then, they have not hidden their strong relationship. In a Q&A session held on her Instagram page yesterday (Saturday), she revealed that she has grown closer to religion thanks to Guy and his family.

"I wanted to ask if you and Guy have any kind of connection to religion," one of her followers asked. Bar-Zohar responded that she has primarily connected more through Guy's family: "From the Friday night Kiddush to synagogue on holidays." Bar-Zohar also shares how she spent Yom Kippur sitting with the women in the synagogue, alongside Guy's grandmother, who explained to her how to pray.

Bar-Zohar was asked how she spends Yom Kippur, and she answered that she tries to pray in the synagogue for almost the entire fast: "It also connects me the most to the essence of Yom Kippur. To take an account of the soul with myself, where I've fallen, how much I want to improve."


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