Avraham Fried: "He Did It"

Avraham Fried is delighted with the religious singer: "He did it"

Avraham Fried was at Madison Square Garden, and was a part of the moments in which the knitted singer Ishay Ribo made history: "Thank you, dear Ishay, for the privilege of sharing with you moments of God's sanctification"

(Photo: Srugim)

The renowned Hasidic and Jewish singer, Avraham Fried, praised the accomplished singer Ishay Ribo, who recently made history as the first Israeli to perform at Madison Square Garden in front of 15,000 spectators.

During the historic performance, Fried took the stage and sang one of the songs with Ribo. Afterwards, Fried described the experience and wrote: "Dear friends, at Madison Square Garden, in front of 15,000 people, Ishay Ribo did it."

Fried reached out to Ribo himself and wrote, "Thank you, dear Ishay, for the privilege of sharing moments of sanctifying the Lord's name in His purity with you. By divine providence, we were privileged to sing together the song of the Rebbe, our Father and King, on his birthday."

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