Gomez: Next Album - Last

American Singer Retires: "The Next Album will be the Last"

The American singer and actress Selena Gomez announced that the next album she will release will probably also be her last, and that she prefers to focus on the world of acting and beauty.

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Last month, the singer Selena Gomez announced that she will release a new album this February, now she announces that it will probably also be her last.

In an interview with the podcast "Smartless" that will be released on 8.1, the singer said that after experimenting with both acting and singing, she found her niche in the entertainment industry with her makeup brand "Rare Beauty", and that she prefers to focus on it and acting and less on music: "I feel that I have one more album in me" she said and added that in a perfect world she would probably choose to act.

In response to her statement, the podcast hosts began praising Gomez's musical talents, arguing that she doesn't necessarily have to choose one path. "You're right," replied the singer, "but I want to relax with it because I'm tired."


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She's very talented and successful while coping with bipolar disorder! Not to be taken for granted at all. I would know, I am coping with it also.
Good luck Selena 04.01.24

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