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Good News: Improvement in the Condition of Idan Amedi

After the star singer, ‘Fauda’ actor Idan Amedi, who was drafted into the reserves, was seriously injured during the battles in Gaza, there has been an improvement in his condition in the last hours.

Idan Amedi (Photo: Moshe Nahmanowitz)

After being seriously injured last night during fighting in the Gaza Strip, there was an improvement in the condition of the singer-songwriter and actor Idan Amedi, who woke up and is defined as moderately wounded.

After being injured, Amedi was described as "severely injured", suffering from shrapnel in the skull and neck, after which he was sedated and ventilated for treatment, but now he has woken up and is responding to his surroundings.

At the beginning of the war, Amedi shared his feelings after being drafted into the reserves, and wrote that "Don't ask us if we are cold, if we sleep at night, and if we have anything to eat. All of these are irrelevant at the moment, all of these are questions of yesterday's world. I know what I am fighting for, this It's clear to me today more than ever. About this beautiful moment in the morning when my daughter is drinking chocolate and helping me squeeze a lemon. About life, about the feeling of being alive."

A few minutes before he was injured, Idan Amedi was interviewed by News 12 reporter Nitzan Shapira, and asked to convey an encouraging message to the citizens at home through us: "The people of Israel are alive ('Am Yisrael Chai'). We work hard here for everyone's safety. We love you."


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Israel-Gaza War

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