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FDA approves new drug which may make food allergies less threatening for many

The FDA approved a drug last week which has shown promise in reducing the danger of foods such as peanuts to those who are allergic.

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The FDA approved a drug on Friday which promises to provide relief and lessen symptoms for those who are allergic to various food products such as peanuts, according to a report by ArsTechnica.

The drug, omalizumab (brand name Xolair), was found to reduce moderate and severe allergic reactions in many, though not all, of those who are allergic to certain foods in a series of tests, which are still ongoing. The drug is approved for people aged 1 and up.

The treatment would involve several injections over several weeks, and researchers plan to look into the long-term effects of the medicine, both benefits and risks.

While no cure and though it is still recommended that those who are allergic do their best to avoid foods that harm them, this is possibly very good news for millions of people around the world.


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