Netanyahu, if the war is over, let's have elections!

If Netanyahu really believes the things he says and we are really just a step away from victory (with 130 hostages still in Gaza, 4 soldiers killed in battle over the past day alone, and Sinwar still on the loose) maybe he will announce new elections after all.

Binyamin Netanyahu (Photo: Miriam Alster/Flash90)

Netanyahu's statement regarding the approaching victory is nothing but delusional. When it was announced that the IDF withdrew its last forces from southern Gaza four months after the invasion of Khan Yunis, the army explained the move as the "exhaustion of combat and intelligence" in the region, and denied that the real reason for was US pressure. At the same time, four commando soldiers were killed Saturday night.

Netanyahu's assertion that Israelis can be moved by empty promises and big words is completely misplaced. Just last week, heavy rocket fire was launched at southern Israel from northern Gaza. This is an area defined by the IDF as completely cleared of Hamas terrorists.

I too, like many, thought that it wasn't a good idea to discuss while our soldiers are fighting in Gaza, but since it seems that from the point of view of the IDF and the political echelon, the war has come to an end - we must go to the polls - as soon as possible.

I am sure that even if Netanyahu gets a majority and a right-wing government is formed again (which currently seems impossible), the Brothers in Arms, left-wing organizers, and others will continue clamoring for change. Any organization that tries to brand itself under a new name in order not to resemble its predecessor will run into unforeseen difficulties as anti-government protests continue to burn down the country. Be that as it will, if the war is really over like Netanyahu seems to be implying it is, immediate elections are the way to go.


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