US-Israel Relations, Israel-Gaza War

US: Israel has to "change the way" its fighting in Gaza

The US National Security Council spokesman told ABC's "This Week" that the IDF needs to make "deconfliction changes" so that civilians and aid workers are left unharmed.

John Kirby (Photo: Shutterstock)

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told ABC's "This Week" show that while Israel is carrying out a serious investigation into the deaths of seven aid workers from an IDF drone strike last week, and the US won't send its soldiers to protect humanitarian missions in Gaza, the Jewish State needs to make "deconfliction changes" to the way it handles its military operations.

Kirby told ABC's Martha Raddatz that, "there’s got to be changes in the deconfliction process. The information flow between aid workers on the ground and the IDF in their headquarters so that this kind of targeting can’t happen again."

Responding to celebrity chef and World Central Kitchen founder José Andrés' claims that Israel is leading a "war against humanity" and "targeting anything that moves" in Gaza, Kirby said the US hasn't "drawn any conclusions one way or another."

"This was an investigation that was done sort of akin to like an inspector general. So, it was outside the chain of command. But again, we’re working our way through that," he added, alluding to an IDF investigation after which two officers were fired, two commanders suspended, and three others reprimanded for their role in the incident.


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