Terror in Russia

Putin: We have foiled a terrorist attack on a Moscow synagogue

Russia's Federal Security Service announced it had eliminated a terrorist who planned to carry out a deadly terror attack against a local synagogue.

The Moscow Choral Synagogue, the main synagogue in Russia and in the former Soviet Union, seen on December 1, 2014. (Photo: Hadas Parush/Flash90)

Kan reported that Russia's Federal Security Service announced it had thwarted a major terrorist attack in central Moscow on Thursday.

According to the announcement, the terrorist, a native of central Asia, had been spying on a synagogue in the capital city, and had acquired bomb-making materials. The suspect was shot while security forces were attempting to arrest him.

On March 7, the FSB announced that they had thwarted an ISIS plot to bomb a Moscow synagogue in the Kaluga province, about 200 kilometers from the capital.

Last month, a group of ISIS terrorists stormed a busy concert hall in Moscow, killing more than 140 individuals in the biggest single terrorist attack on Russian soil since 2004.


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