Iran Attack

New details on Iranian attack: US Navy shot down Iranian missiles

An American source revealed that 2 navy ships shot down part of the missiles fired at Israel.

US Navy destroyer (Photo: Shutterstock)

According to a MAKO report, the US Navy revealed that two US battleships, the USS Carney and USS Arleigh Burke shot down at least six Iranian drones headed for Israel Saturday night.

The Americans claimed that the US and its European allies also shot down 80 of the more than 170 UAVs headed for Israel. An American official said that this was the first time a US destroyer had intercepted enemy missiles in the Mediterranean.

The US Navy has rehearsed repelling missile attacks alongside the Israeli army for years as part of the "Juniper Cobra" exercise, which has been held since 2001.

The American Arleigh Burke battleships are armed with precision attack missiles, including ballistic missile interception systems, which combine a radar capable of tracking 800 targets simultaneously at a range of hundreds of kilometers and SM-3 missile interceptor missiles with a range of almost 400 km.

These ships have participated in a number of operational events, including the interception of missiles and UAVs launched in recent months by the Houthis.

Another interesting report quoting senior American officials from the "Wall Street Journal" claimed that Iran launched between 115 and 130 ballistic missiles at Israel, but almost half of them failed to launch or crashed due to malfunctions.


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