Palestinian Statehood

European countries expected to recognize "Palestine" 

A number of EU members are expected to announce their recognition of a Palestinian state within the next month. Israel's Foreign Ministry: "Recognition will be a reward for Hamas terrorists who carried out the greatest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust."

EU compound (Photo: Shutterstock)

Josep Borrell, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the European Union, announced yesterday (Monday) that several countries in the Union are expected to announce the recognition of a Palestinian state as early as this coming May.

According to estimates, the countries expected to make the move are: Spain, Ireland, Malta and Slovenia, with an additional country also possible. These will join eight EU countries that recognized a Palestinian state in the distant past.

Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to the news: "Every statement these days about the possibility of European countries recognizing a Palestinian state is a reward for Hamas terrorists who carried out the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. Only direct cooperation between the parties will lead to peace."

It was also stated in the response: "The world and Europe should focus right now on the immediate release of the 133 hostages and the dismantling of the Hamas terrorist organization. Whoever promotes another agenda plays into Hamas' hands and makes it difficult to promote a deal for the release of hostages and a humanitarian ceasefire."


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