Eurovision 2024

Surprise decision: Palestinian flags banned from Eurovision

Event organizers announced: "Audience members will not be allowed to wave Palestinian flags."

Palestinian flag at the Eurovision Contest (Photo: Kan Channel )

With the landing of the Israeli delegation in Malmö and the beginning of rehearsals for the semi-finals of the Eurovision to be held on May 7, event organizers announce that they, "reserve the right to remove Palestinian flags."

As previously reported, the Israeli delegation to Eurovision 2024 is under heavy security due to warnings and fears of being attacked by pro-Palestinian protesters and radical Islamist elements.

At the same time, images of the war in the Middle East did not go unnoticed by the European Broadcasting Corporation, which says it wishes to keep the event in its original format - a cultural evening devoid of political overtones. Organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest have now announced that they reserve the right to remove Palestinian flags, and that only the flags of participating countries, along with the pride flag can be flown during the event.


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