Surgeons in Israel

Decisions of life and death: a glimpse at the lives of surgeons in Israel

The Broadcasting Corporation Kan 11 in a new docu-series "Surgeons", which follows the personal lives and professional decisions of the best surgeons in Israel, and even presents documentation of groundbreaking and life-saving surgeries

(Courtesy of Kan 11)

If you enjoyed the show "HaMitmachim" on Channel 12, Israel's broadcasting corporation, Kan 11, is launching its own documentary series. This series provides viewers with a glimpse into the personal lives and work of Israel's top surgeons in various medical fields.

The series consists of five episodes, each following a surgeon and presenting their personal and family story alongside the surgeries and their interactions with patients. The series will showcase their life stories, the path that led them to the medical profession, and the specialization they chose. The series also accompanies the patients throughout their daunting journey towards recovery.

The participants in the series are internationally renowned surgeons who are leaders in their field both in Israel and worldwide: Prof. Racheli Grossman – a specialist in micro-neurosurgery for tumor removal, Dr. Abed Abu-Ganim – an expert in kidney transplants, liver and pancreas surgeries, and Dr. Miki Gidon – a pediatric neurosurgeon, the first Israeli surgeon to perform a separation surgery of Siamese twins.

Dr. Hagai Dekel, a specialist in pediatric and adult heart surgeries, also takes part in the series, along with Dr. Yuval Gielchinsky, an expert in obstetrics, gynecology, fetal medicine, and prenatal surgeries.

The series will be aired on Kan 11 starting from September 5th.


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