The Upcoming Modern 'Snow White'

"Walt Disney is turning over in his grave": the son of the director of 'Snow White' against the innovation

In the upcoming months, a live-action adaptation of the movie 'Snow White' will be hitting the screens, starring Gal Gadot. The son of the original film's director is expressing opposition against the production and its changes, claiming that they have ruined the creation in an attempt to adapt it to the modern world

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In the year 1937, Walt Disney Studios released the animated film 'Snow White', directed by David Hand, which became a classic. In the upcoming March, a live-action version of the movie is set to hit the screens, starring Gal Gadot as the evil queen. However, now the son of Hand is opposing the modern adaptation.

David Hand Jr., who is currently 91 years old, stated in an interview with the British newspaper "The Telegraph" that the new film disrespects the original work and argued that Walt Disney and his father would turn in their graves due to the live-action adaptation, which is being rewritten to suit our modern times. "They are changing the stories and the characters' ways of thinking," he says. "These are no longer the original stories. They are inventing things, and I'm simply not interested in all of this."

The film continues to stir controversies, as even the lead actress playing Snow White, Rachel Ziegler, has made waves. Ziegler claimed that the original film is not suitable for modern audiences and that the prince is a kind of 'stalker': "There's a big focus on her love story with a guy who's really stalking her," she said in an interview with ExtraTV. "We didn't do that this time. We had a different approach to what I'm sure a lot of people see as a love story."

Ziegler's criticisms were not well received by fans on social media, who argued that 'criticizing Disney princesses is not feminist.'

Another change that Ziegler revealed is that Snow White will not be saved by the prince and will not dream about it. Instead, she dreams of becoming a leader. Another change is the replacement of the familiar seven dwarfs with "enchanted creatures."


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