"Leaving The Country"

The Israeli actor announced: "Leaving the country"

Moshe Ashkenazi, one of Israel's favorite actors ('Stupid', 'For her heroes fly', 'Dancing with the Stars', 'Honey Ball in the Middle', 'The Dream Owner', 'Encircling Milan' and more) announces that he, his wife and children - are moving into Thailand.

Moshe Ashkenazi & his family (Photo: Instagram)

Ashkenazi shares in a post he published now, about his dream in recent years, to travel in the East, and the dramatic decision of the transition which is eventually, not a trip for fun, and includes residences and educational settings for children.

He also promises to tell in detail later on the circumstances and more details about the surprising transition, but in the meantime he writes: "The best time to make dreams come true is now. In recent years, at the age of 40, I've been dreaming of leaving everything for a moment and going on a trip to the East with Liron and the children, as you know 40 arrived last week, and the dream still stands and I - I'm a person who likes to make his dreams come true, so next Wednesday it's happening, we're getting on a flight to Thailand, and it's not a trip. We'll be living there in the near future. We don't know yet how long. I'm working on it In the last few months, I have been preparing the area, a sublet for the house, passports, and visas, we have enrolled the children in school and we are leaving for an experience at a point in time that will surely never come back."

Ashkenazi added: "The first thing I thought about was what would happen to the performances and the livelihood? So of course I'm not giving up the performances, the audience, how do you say? - I'll live on the line. In addition, I found an interesting and surprising occupation in Thailand. It's going to be interesting. I promise to tell you Everything when the time comes. In the meantime, we are excited, afraid, and going on a journey. Wish us luck! And a message from me - make your dreams come true. Without fear. I love you, Moshe."


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