"Choosing Light"

"Choosing Light": a new song in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack in Eli

Rabbi Dvir Tal knew Nahman Mordof and Harel Masoud, z"l, who were murdered in the terrorist attack at the entrance to the settlement Eli. Following their tragic deaths, he decided to write and compose a song in their memory and for the sake of continuing the great light of their lives into ours, saying, "It is precisely from the pain that we can grow"

(Photo: Courtesy of the families)

About two and a half months ago, four Israelis were murdered in an attack at the entrance to the settlement of Eli, among them the boys Nachman Mordof and Harel Masoud. Rabbi Dvir Tal, who had the privilege of knowing and connecting with the two boys, today (Tuesday) releases a song he wrote and composed in their memory.

"It is a great privilege for me to cherish the memory of the late Nachman and Harel and to draw a little of the light of their great souls into our lives," says Rabbi Tal "The amazing Masoud family lives in our settlement in Yad Binyamin, and the Mordof family left the settlement only a year ago - and we were privileged to be their close friends for many years. The late Nachman even shared with me several times his special way of life, in short as he used to, with a light that goes far beyond words."

Rabbi Tal recounts that the day after he went to comfort the mourners, he went to a quiet corner in the settlement and was alone with himself: "I felt so much the immense pain of their passing and at the same time I was very enlightened by their figures, and suddenly this melody was played for me and immediately after it the words began.

"I realized that it is precisely from this crazy pain that you can really grow," he says. "When you meet someone with light in their eyes and a soul full of love, it touches you and affects you."


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