Israel's new Eurovision song, "Hurricane" to be revealed in special broadcast 

Although it has not yet been approved by the representatives of the European Union, the song "Hurricane" that Eden Golan is expected to perform on the Eurovision stage will be revealed in a festive broadcast this coming Sunday.

Singer Eden Golan (Photo: Shay Franco)

The saga of the Israeli song for the Eurovision Song Contest is not over yet. after "October Rain" was rejected by representatives of the European Broadcasting Union on the grounds that it contains political messaging, the creators of the song amended the lyrics and submitted the new song "Hurricane", which singer Eden Golan is expected to perform in Malmö.

The new song has not yet been confirmed by the committee, and although Israel's participation in the competition remains in doubt, there will be a celebratory broadcast to reveal the song on Kan 11 this coming Sunday (3/10/2024).

The broadcast will be hosted by the Israeli mentalist and self-described "mystifier" Lior Suchard, and will begin with a special music video of the song "Unicorn," in an exciting performance by last year's representative Noa Kirel alongside Eden Golan.

As part of the broadcaster, the documentary film "Recurring Chorus", which describes the complexity of the Israeli representation on the Eurovision stage over the years, will be broadcast, after which the song "Hurricane" will be revealed in the presence of Golan and the creators of the song, Keren Peles, Avi Ohayon, and record producer Stav Beger.

Throughout the broadcast, first reactions to the song from around the world, and interpretations by Eurovision experts will be presented.


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