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Released for Publication: Taibe Resident Joins Terror Organization

A 19-year-old Taibe resident has been charged with joining a terror organization and acting against the IDF, including throwing bombs.

Arrest. Archive. (Photo: Israel Police Spokesperson)

Security forces continue to operate inside Israel, as well, with an indictment filed today (Sunday) in the district court in Lod against 19-year-old Mahmoud Rafik Abd al-Rachim Masarwa. Rafik is a resident of Taibe arrested after a police investigation revealed his involvement in suspected serious security crimes including aiding the enemy in wartime, membership in a terrorist organization, and use of firearms. The suspect joined a terrorist organization and threw bombs towards IDF forces.

As part of the investigation, investigators of the central district central unit in the police and the Shin Bet uncovered clips, photos, and correspondence in the defendant’s phone showing him holding different kinds of weapons, preparing pipe bombs with terrorists resident in Judea and Samaria and firing various kinds of weapons.

The investigation revealed that the suspect was involved among other things in throwing bombs at IDF forces, handing over information on IDF force movement in Judea and Samaria, conducting shooting practice with terror organization members, was asked to secure military equipment for terrorist activity and also provided weapons to organization activists, all while aiding wanted terrorist activists and warning them of IDF forces’ entry into the area, patrolling with them in areas where shooting attacks took place, and was even aware of intentions to conduct further shooting attacks on IDF forces.

As noted, the serious indictment was filed against the suspect in the Lod district court by Adv. Tomer Steinberg of the Central District prosecution on a number of serious security charges, including aiding the enemy in wartime, membership in a terrorist organization, training or instruction for terror purposes, using weapons for terror purposes, serious terror acts, and use of firearms.


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With Israeli assistance: Germany takes step against Iran

The German Interior Minister announced today the prohibition of activities at the Islamic Centre in Hamburg (IZH) and its branches across Germany due to their connections with Iran and attempts to propagate revolutionary Islamic ideology. 

Eliana Fleming, JFeed Staff | 24.07.24

Terrorism, West Bank, Israel, Ramallah, explosives

Two Ramallah residents arrested with 4 explosive devices

In a joint operational activity involving the Israeli police, IDF, and Shin Bet, two residents of Ramallah were arrested last night for attempting several attacks in the Benjamin region over the past month.

Eliana Fleming, JFeed Staff | 24.07.24

Palestinian Authority Police, Anti-Terrorism

Palestinian Authority policeman killed in  encounter with IDF in Samaria 

IDF forces operating in Tubas encountered terrorists and an armed Palestinian who served as a customs officer in the PA was killed in the encounter.

Avi Nachmani | 24.07.24

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Watch: IDF demolishes home of terrorist responsible for Eli gas station attack

Israeli forces conducted a nighttime raid in Qalandiya to demolish the home of a terrorist responsible for a deadly terror attack earlier this year. The operation, which resulted in multiple arrests, was met with resistance from local residents, leading to confrontations with Israeli troops.

Gila Isaacson, JFeed Staff | 24.07.24

State Comtroller, October 7 Massacre

Shocking errors uncovered in identifying October 7 victims: What went wrong?

When choosing between speed and accuracy, Israel chose speed in identifying victims of the Hamas massacre and serious mistakes were made. Here's what we know.

Gila Isaacson | 24.07.24

Radical Imam Convicted

This radical Imam finally found guilty of terrorism

Infamous Islamist preacher faces "a significant sentence" after being convicted of terrorism offenses.

Avi Nachmani | 24.07.24

Paris Olympics 2024, Israeli team, terror threats

Explicit Threat: "Rivers of Blood Will Flow in Paris"

One of the terrorist organizations has posted a video on social media: "France will pay for supporting Zionists." This comes after Iran called for Israel to be banned from participating in the upcoming Olympics.

Eliana Fleming | 23.07.24

West Bank, Judea and Samaria, IDF operations 

IDF responds to critic's statement on operational failure in West Bank 

In response to the critical report the IDF stated "The findings of the report do not reflect the current situation on the ground."

Eliana Fleming, JFeed Staff | 23.07.24

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Mother who murdered her 6 year-old son "Aliens made me murder him"

Siegel Jana Itzkovitz, who is suspected of murdering her son Liam, told her investigation that extra-terrestrials and aliens told her that the CIA implanted a chip in her and they made her murder her six-year-old son.

Eliana Fleming, JFeed Staff | 22.07.24

Terror attack, IDF, Attempted Stabbing

The fighter who neutralized the terrorist recounts: "He lunged at us with a knife"

Hours after the attack in Netiv Ha’asara - a fighter from the community's readiness unit reconstructs the event: "The terrorist got out of the vehicle with a knife and lunged towards us, I drew my weapon and fired at him."

| Eliana Fleming, JFeed Staff | 22.07.24

Shin Bet, Kidnapping, Terror

Kidnapping attempt thwarted by Israeli forces; Hostage pit discovered (Pics and video included!)

A kidnapping plot orchestrated by terrorists from the Jericho area was successfully thwarted, with the pit intended for holding the hostages found near one of the terrorists' homes.

Gila Isaacson | 22.07.24

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IDF reserve officer arrested for allegedly forging military ID Cards for Palestinians 

Authorities apprehended a 45-year-old IDF lieutenant colonel in the reserves for reportedly printing fake military employee identity cards, facilitating the illegal residence of six Palestinian family members from Tulkarm in Israel

Gila Isaacson | 22.07.24