Palestinian Workers

Lieberman is with Smotrich: Palestinian Workers must not be Admitted

MK Lieberman agrees with Smotrich's position and claims that: "Bringing Palestinian workers into the State of Israel is part of the old and wrong concept." Lieberman also claimed: "The chance that one of the workers will carry out a serious terrorist attack is significant."

Lieberman (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

After the socio-economic cabinet, headed by Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, voted unanimously two days ago (Sunday) against the security establishment's proposal to increase the number of Palestinian workers who are allowed to enter under restrictions to work in Israel, Knesset member Avigdor Lieberman joins the position of Smotrich and Ben-Gvir and claims that Palestinian workers should not be allowed in because the possibility of them carrying out a serious attack is high.

"The attempt to bring Palestinian workers from Judea and Samaria into the State of Israel is part of the old and wrong concept," Lieberman said, "in a situation where the Palestinians in Judea and Samaria are exposed and complicit in the wild incitement on Palestinian social networks, which includes brainwashing carried out by the Palestinian Authority, through official Palestinian media against Israel in particular and against Jews in general, increases the risk and the possibility that one of those workers will carry out a serious terrorist attack.

"One must not take unnecessary risks," Lieberman continued, "and it should be remembered that all those 18,000 Gazan workers who entered Israel before the seventh of October, all underwent an inspection and received approval from the Shin Bet, and only later did it become clear that a significant number of them were Hamas aides who provided it with intelligence.

"Some of them even worked in the settlements in the Gaza Strip envelope for many years, and were the ones who led the looting on that cursed Sabbath. We have to change the diskette," he finished.

As a reminder, when the war broke out there was a lot of talk about Lieberman being offered to join the ranks of the government, but he refused.


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