Stabbing Attack in Southern Jerusalem

Two people were moderately wounded in a stabbing attack at Mazmuria Checkpoint near Jerusalem. The terrorist was neutralized on site.

(Operational footage from MDA.)

Two people were wounded last evening (Thursday) in a stabbing attack taking place at Mazmuria Checkpoint near Jerusalem. MDA medics and paramedics provided initial medical care at the scene to the victims, who were both conscious.

According to the first reports from the field, the terrorist arrived at the checkpoint and attacked a soldier and security guard with stabbing attacks before being shot and neutralized. The two wounded victims, described as a 30 year old woman and a 25 year old man, were evacuated to the hospital in moderate condition.

MDA motorcycle emergency medicine medic Yosef Haim Yisraeli said that “when we arrived at the site, we saw the two wounded who were injured in the attack and conscious. The young woman sat and the young man walked on site with both of them suffering from stab wounds in their body. We provided them with initial medical care which included stopping the bleeding, bandaging, and granting medicinal treatment and evacuated them to the hospital in stable condition.”

Shimon Ozan, an Ichud Hatzalah medic who arrived at the scene, said that “with the aid of teams from two ambulances of Ichud Hatzalah, we provided initial medical aid to a seriously wounded victim aged 20 and another victim aged 25 who was lightly to moderately wounded.”

The Israel Police reported that “a short time ago, a terrorist arrived at the Mazmuria Checkpoint in south Jerusalem armed with a knife and stabbed two people, who were injured seriously and lightly and evacuated to the hospital. Security forces operating on site fired toward the terrorist and he was neutralized. Jerusalem District police forces are on the scene.”


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