Israel-Gaza War, Hostages

IDF confirms soldier Oz Daniel murdered in Gaza 

The IDF has confirmed that Oz Daniel, 19 year old soldier from Kfar Saba who has been missing since October 7, was kidnapped by Hamas to Gaza and murdered there.

Soldier Oz Daniel ob"m. (Photo: Kfar Saba Spokesperson)

The IDF confirmed today (Sunday) that Sergeant Oz Daniel, who was kidnapped to Gaza and has been missing since October 7, was murdered and declared a fallen soldier of the IDF. His funeral will take place at 14:00 at the Kfar Saba military cemetery.

The Chief Rabbi determined his death after examining all the evidence and based on credible information. The findings allowed for him to be halachically buried.

Oz leaves behind two parents and a twin sister.

The city of Kfar Saba said that “we call on residents of the city to accompany him on his last journey with Israeli flags on Weizmann Street near the military hospital on the corner of Weizmann and Ha’emek street. Our condolences to the dear Daniel family. Kfar Saba embraces you.”

The Hostages Families Forum said that Oz “loved life, had a sense of humor, and a huge smile. He was surrounded by lots of friends and was always there to make everyone laugh. Oz’s friends say that it was impossible to ignore how much he was driven by his values. Oz was a gifted guitar player who believed music can change the world. His favorite band was Guns And Roses.”

Daniel ob”m served on the border of the Gaza Strip and fought in the 77th Battalion, part of the Sa’ar Migolan formation. He was kidnapped on October 7 along with the rest of his tank crew, and his body is still being held by Hamas.


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Israel-Gaza War, Terror Funding

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Israel-Gaza War, Northern Front

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Iran Attack, Iran, Nuclear Weapons

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Northern Front

Suspicion in Hezbollah: "UNIFIL leaking fighters' locations to Israel"

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Israel-Gaza War

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Israel-Gaza War, Northern Front

Report: IDF strikes deep in Lebanese territory in retaliation for Arab al-Aramsheh attack wounding 18

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Israel-Gaza War

Fighting continues in the Gaza Strip, with the Northern Brigade launching an operation

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Israel-Gaza War, Northern Front

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Israel-Gaza War, Northern Front

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Israel-Gaza War, Northern Front

Watch: IDF strikes Hezbollah terrorists in southern Lebanon

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Israel-Gaza War

Defense Ministry: 30% of wounded have mental injuries

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