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Channel 12 Poll: Gantz reaches low thirties, Netanyahu coalition recovering slightly

The poll also found neither Smotrich's nor Sa'ar's party passing the electoral threshold.

Polls. (Photo: Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock)

A new poll conducted by Channel 12 on the sixth month anniversary of the war and released today (Sunday) shows Gantz's State Camp party at a record low of 32 seats, far from the high of 39-40 seats he has been getting in most polls since the war started.

The poll also shows Netanyahu's Likud party getting 19 seats, and both Smotrich's Religious Zionism and Sa'ar's New Right party failing to cross the electoral threshold. The same goes for Balad and Labour.

The other parties break down as follows: Yesh Atid rises a bit with 15, Shas - 11, Yisrael Beytenu - 11, Otzmah Yehudit - 9, UTJ - 8, Hadash-Ta'al - 5, Meretz - 5, Ra'am - 5.

This means Netanyahu's coalition would win 47 seats and the anti-Netanyahu coalition winning 68 (sans Hadah-Ta'al).

Meanwhile, Channel 14's poll shows the State Camp/Blue-White getting 23, Likud 22, Yesh Atid 11, Shas 10, Otzmah Yehudit 10, Yisrael Beytenu 8, UTJ 8, Ra'am 6, Religious Zionism 5, Meretz 5, New Hope 4, Labour 4, Hadash-Ta'al 4.

This would give the Netanyahu coalition 56 seats and the anti-Netanyahu coalition 57, with the other parties holding the balance.

Rounding off the series of polls is the Kann 11 poll, which finds State Camp even lower than the Kann 12 poll at 30, Likud at 21, Yesh Atid recovering a little with 14, Yisrael Beytenu - 10 seats, Shas - 10 seats, Otzmah Yehudit - 10 seats, UTJ - 7 seats, Ra'am - 5 seats, and Hadash-Ta'al - 5 seats. Sa'ar and Meretz both get 4 seats.

Religious Zionism, Labour and Balad all fail to pass the electoral threshold.

This would give the Netanyahu coalition 48 seats and the anti-Netanyahu coalition 59, with the other parties holding the balance.


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