Israel, Iran

Report: US believes Iranian military strike on Israel imminent

According to their intelligence, the United States believes a missile and drone strike will be launched against Israel. President Biden reiterated the US' "ironclad" commitment to Israel against such threats.

Missiles. Illustration. (Photo: Shutterstock)

American news outlet Bloomberg reported this evening (Wednesday) that the US fears an imminent Iranian missile strike on Israel.

According to the report, Washington believes the attack will include drones and missiles aimed at military and governmental sites in Israel, and that civilian targets are not on the agenda. Furthermore, the strike will not necessarily come from the north and may emanate from Iran or its Shiite militia proxies.

President Joe Biden addressed the feared attack this evening, and at a press conference with the Japanese Prime Minister said that just as he told Prime Minister Netanyahu, the United States' commitment to Israel's security in the face of the threats from Iran and its proxies, is "ironclad."


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Israel-Gaza War

Captured terrorist leads IDF to weapons caches in Jebaliya

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Israel-Gaza War

IDF opens independent probe into Rafah attack

The probe will be conducted by the General Staff investigative mechanism, which is meant to investigate all "irregular" events in war.

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Watch: IDF takes out rocket launchers firing at Meron

Following multiple rockets fired at the Meron area, the Air Force struck and destroyed the launchers identified as the source.

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Released for publication: One Egyptian soldier killed and others wounded in firefight with IDF at Rafah crossing

For reasons which are still unclear, a firefight broke out between IDF and Egyptian soldiers around Rafah crossing, leaving one Egyptian soldier dead and others wounded.

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Liberman to Gantz and Lapid: "Let's set up a war room to bring down the government"

Yisrael Beytenu party leader Avigdor Liberman offered to work together with Gantz and Lapid to bring down the government.

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Reports of gunfire between Israeli and Egyptian soldiers at Rafah crossing; no casualties reported

Israeli and Arab media are both reporting gunfire reported at Rafah crossing.

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Watch: IDF strikes Hezbollah terrorist spotted in rocket launch site 

The site had been used previously to fire projectiles at the area of Kibbutz Malkiah.

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Air Force strikes over 75 targets in Gaza Strip

The targets include terrorist squads, weapons storage facilities, military structures, observation posts, and other terrorist infrastructures.

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State Camp MK Matan Kahana: If progress is made on a hostage deal, we will likely stay in the government

Kahana made this statement after State Camp party leader Benny Gantz threatened to leave the emergency government by mid-June if certain conditions weren't met.

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The IDF identified and struck two Hezbollah terrorist squads operating in different locations in southern Lebanon.

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