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State Camp party files for early elections

Following Minister Eizenkot's fierce criticism of the Prime Minister, the State Camp party submitted a proposal to disperse the Knesset and go to early elections.

Benny Gantz. (Photo: Miriam Alster/Flash90)

Following the attack by Gadi Eizenkot against Prime MInister Binyamin Netanyahu, State Camp party faction leader MK Pnina Tamano Shata submitted a proposal to disperse the 25th Knesset, in accordance with minister Benny Gantz's desire to reach a broad agreement on elections by the month of October.

In her statement, Shata said: "The seventh of October is a disaster that requires us to return and receive the confidence of the people, to establish a broad and stable government which can lead us safely in the face of enormous challenges in security, economy, and primarily - in society. The submission of this law proposal now, will allow us to raise it during the current sessions."

As reported yesterday, during the Meir Dagan Security and Strategy Conference, Minister Gadi Eizenkot sharply criticized the Prime Minister for his management of the war and handling of hostage negotiations.

According to Eizenkot: "You cannot market a catchy slogan of 'absolute victory,' especially in a war against terrorism," Eizenkot said. "The test is always a distance one - and here, what stands after eight months on the scales is whether it's right and possible to market a quick victory, 'absolute victory,' or whether we need something that's harder to explain - but is a victory via strategic reversal."

He added that "those who say that we'll dismantle a few battalions in Rafah and then we'll get back the hostages is spreading false illusions - it's a much more complex event. The truth is it will take 3 to 5 years to a significant stabilization and then many long years until the stabilization of another government. Absolute victory is a slogan. Netanyahu failed in security and economics."

The Likud was quick to respond: "Eizenkot and Gantz are seeking out excuses to end the war without achieving its goals, and to leave the government in the midst of the war. Instead of dealing in striving for victory, they are dealing in petty politics."


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IDF launches polio vaccination campaign for troops in Gaza amid outbreak concerns

In response to the discovery of poliovirus traces in Gaza Strip sewage and a request from the Health Ministry, the IDF Medical Corps initiated a vaccination drive for combat soldiers and support personnel starting on Sunday.

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Military leaders: Ready to withdraw from Gaza for six weeks for a deal

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Prime Minister Netanyahu responded to the IDF's announcement of the deaths of the captives Alex Dantzig and Yehuda Buchstab, whose bodies are held by Hamas in Gaza.

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Nachal combat team kills 150 terrorists in four brigade-level operations in Rafah

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Day 290 of the war: 46 Hostages are no longer alive

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