Israel advocacy

The Incredible Yoseph Haddad

Our unexpected advocate: A story of one Israeli-Arab's courage, conviction, and commitment to Israel's cause.

Arab-Israeli advocacy activist Yoseph Haddad, Jerusalem, February 25, 2024. (Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Yoseph Haddad's journey is one of resilience, courage, and unwavering commitment to his homeland, Israel. As a former soldier in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Israeli-Arab Haddad bravely defended his country on the front lines, risking his life in the face of danger. Today, he continues to champion the cause of Israel advocacy, using his powerful voice to educate and inspire others around the world.

Born and raised in Nazareth, a city with a predominantly Arab population in northern Israel, Haddad's path to becoming an IDF soldier was not without challenges. Despite facing societal pressures and stigma within his own community for his decision to serve in the IDF, Haddad remained steadfast in his commitment to protect his country and its citizens.

During his time in the IDF, Haddad served in combat units, where he witnessed firsthand the complex realities of Israel's security challenges. In 2006, during the Second Lebanon War, Haddad was wounded in combat, sustaining injuries that would change his life forever. Despite the physical and emotional toll of his injuries, Haddad emerged from his experience with a renewed sense of purpose and determination to advocate for Israel's right to defend itself.

Today, Haddad is a prominent figure in the field of Israel advocacy, known for his passionate advocacy work and dedication to promoting understanding and support for Israel's cause. Through his organization, "Together – Vouch for Each Other," Haddad works tirelessly to bridge divides and foster dialogue between Jews and Arabs in Israel, promoting coexistence and mutual respect.

In addition to his grassroots advocacy efforts, Haddad is a sought-after speaker and commentator on issues related to Israel and the Middle East. He travels extensively, sharing his personal story and insights into the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with audiences worldwide. Whether addressing university campuses, community organizations, or international forums, Haddad's message is one of hope, unity, and the shared humanity that binds us all.

Despite facing adversity and overcoming formidable obstacles, Yoseph Haddad remains a beacon of hope and inspiration for all those who believe in the values of peace, justice, and freedom. His story serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring strength of Israel's commitment to its security, its people, and its future.


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