IDF, Israel-Gaza War

Wounded IDF soldier participates in military ceremony

After Nahal soldier is wounded in both legs during Gaza combat, his comrades carry him to training graduation, highlighting the IDF's stance of 'no one left behind.'

Wounded IDF soldier participating in his training graduation ceremony (Photo: Michael Giladi/ Flash90)

Yesterday, Corporal Noam, a 20-year-old soldier in the special forces of the Nahal Brigade, was honored in a remarkable display of brotherhood as his fellow soldiers helped him ascend Masada for his training course graduation ceremony.

Despite sustaining injuries to both legs during clashes in Gaza, Corporal Noam was determined to attend the ceremony, held at the historic fortress overlooking the Dead Sea. Noam managed to celebrate beside his fellow soldiers demonstrating that his injuries wouldn't prevent him from being a part of that special moment and highlighting the unity within the IDF.

During his service in Gaza, Corporal Noam was wounded in combat in the Zeitoun district of Gaza City. Despite the severity of his injuries, he displayed remarkable resilience and determination.

"There are ricochets in my left leg, and I can’t feel it; the bullet fragment, miraculously, stopped at the artery. There's a bullet or a fragment of it in my right leg that came about a centimeter from the bone and, miraculously, didn't hit it," Corporal Noam shared about his injuries.

With the support of his family and comrades, Corporal Noam embarked on the challenging ascent of Masada, opting for the traditional hike despite the availability of a cable car. Supported by six fellow graduates of his unit, he made the arduous journey to the summit, symbolizing his unwavering determination and the bond shared by soldiers in the face of adversity.

"It was powerful," Corporal Noam reflected on his experience. "I didn't think my training course would end this way. You give all you have during it, and I was sure I’d be one of the climbers. Ultimately, I climbed too, in my own way."

Corporal Noam's inspiring journey serves as a testament to the resilience and solidarity of Israel's soldiers, who stand together in the face of challenges and adversity.

In the deeply moving military ceremony, Private Noam, a brave soldier of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), was honored for his sacrifice and courage in the line of duty. Despite sustaining injuries while serving on the front lines, Private Noam's unwavering commitment to his fellow soldiers and to the defense of his country remains an inspiring example to all.


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