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Pro-Hamas supporters wave a banner that reads: “Long Live October 7th” in NYC

Controversial demonstration in NYC sparks outrage with pro-Hamas banner.

A Palestinian militant from the Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade, Gaza City (Photo: Ahmad Khateib/Flash90)

Monday's Pro-Hamas New York protest, started at Union Square and moved towards downtown Manhattan. During the protest called a “Citywide day of rage for Gaza,” protesters chanted “Long Live the Intifada” and other anti-Israel slogans outside the Nova Music Festival Exhibition, an event commemorating victims of Hamas' October 7th massacre.

Some demonstrators, draped in keffiyehs—a traditional Palestinian headscarf—held up the banner which appeared to endorse last year’s Hamas assault on Israel.

As reported by the New York Post, Olivia Reingold from The Free Press was harassed while trying to report on the protest. Reingold was told she wasn’t welcome and was instructed to leave the area. Protesters accused her of having “blood on her hands” and labeled her a “genocide supporter,” as per The Free Press.

Protesters also blew air horns in Reingold's ears, restricted her movement, and at one point, seized her notebook, tearing out several pages. The situation escalated when she was shoved by an unidentified person, hidden among the keffiyehs. After nearly an hour, Reingold managed to leave the protest once the demonstrators vacated the square. She later filed a police report concerning the incident.

The incident drew condemnation from politicians across the political spectrum. Bronx Representative Ritchie Torres criticized the protesters, stating, “Anti-Israel bigots are protesting the Nova Music Festival Exhibition, which seeks to commemorate the lives of the hundreds of young Jews barbarically murdered by Hamas on October 7th.” He added, “The antisemites who deny, downplay, or defend the barbarity of Hamas are revealing themselves to be barbaric.”


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Israeli Hostages, Gaza war, Hamas captivity, October 7th

Netanyahu on the deaths of the captives: "We received with deep pain and sorrow"

Prime Minister Netanyahu responded to the IDF's announcement of the deaths of the captives Alex Dantzig and Yehuda Buchstab, whose bodies are held by Hamas in Gaza.

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IDF, Israeli Hostages, Gaza War, Victims, Captivity

Day 290 of the war: 46 Hostages are no longer alive

Following IDF confirmation that Israeli hostages 76-year-old Alex Danzig and 35-year-old Yagev Buchshtab were killed several months ago in Gaza with their bodies still being held in captivity. This is the updated number of Hostages who have been killed.

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Tragedy in Gaza: an officer was killed by an IDF grenade explosion

An IDF officer was killed by a grenade explosion not during an operational activity, earlier this morning in the Gaza Strip. The military police began an investigation into the circumstances of the incident.

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Nukhba, Hamas, October 7 Massacre

Shocking: State Attorney defends investigation of soldiers for Nukhba terrorist's murder

State Attorney defends probe into IDF soldiers as lawmakers clash over criteria for military investigations.

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IDF, Israel-Gaza War

Here's how 'Mothers of Warriors' are protecting IDF soldiers from legal fallout in Gaza War

As IDF soldiers face potential legal scrutiny for wartime actions, 'Mothers of Warriors' launches comprehensive legal defense initiative, offering expert counsel and unwavering support.

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Israel-Gaza War, IDF, Fallen Soldiers

Heartbreaking: Captain Mordechai Kadmon fell in battle in Gaza 

Captain Mordechai Kadmon, a combat engineer officer from Nof Ayalon, has fallen in battle in Gaza just weeks before completing his military service. 

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Hamas, Hostages

IDF: Yagav Buchstab and Alex Danzig killed in Hamas captivity

Yagav Buchstab was kidnapped on October 7 from his home along with his wife Rimon, while Alex was taken from Kibbutz Nir Oz. They were both killed in Hamas captivity. 

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Hamas, Fatah

Hamas snubs reconciliation talks with rival Fatah in Beijing

Here's how Hamas surprised everyone by pulling out of Palestinian reconciliation efforts with Fatah.

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Terror Attack, Netiv HaAsara

Breaking: Terror attack near Netiv HaAsara, southern Israel 

Knife-wielding terrorist neutralized at Netiv HaAsara entrance; medics treat two Israelis for panic attacks.

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Hamas, Humanitarian Zone, Gaza

IDF orders partial evacuation of Gaza humanitarian zone

Amid recent Hamas rocket fire, the IDF is evacuating civilians from parts of Gaza's humanitarian zone, declaring parts unsafe and directing them to new safe areas.

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Gaza, Hamas leader, Sinwar, Deif

"In Gaza, there is one leader, and it's not Yahya Sinwar."

Middle Eastern researcher and analyst, Adi Cohen, asserts that contrary to popular belief, Yahya Sinwar was never number one in Gaza: "Mohammed Deif is number one."

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Iran, Sudan

Flying under the radar: Sudan restores diplomatic ties with Iran 

Under the cover of the wars in Gaza and Sudan, Tehran and Khartoum are restoring their relationship, which is very concerning news for Israel.

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