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Where is the Bibas family? 

Gantz suggests that Israel knows the fate of the Bibas family, but that it will be publicly acknowledged later on.

Street installation - the sign of solidarity and a reminder of Israeli children, adults and elderly people kidnapped and taken hostage by Hamas, Netanya, Israel, November 5th 2023. (Photo: Shutterstock/ai-ivanov)

As reported by i24 News, in a recent interview with Kann 11, Benny Gantz, leader of the National Unity party, confirmed that Israel is aware of the fate of the Bibas family, who have been held hostage in Gaza since the October 7 Hamas-led attack.

When asked directly about the status of Shiri, Yarden, Ariel, and Kfir Bibas, Gantz responded affirmatively but withheld specific details. “I think yes,” Gantz said, adding that the public would be informed of their fate “when things come to fruition.”

The Bibas family, including 9-month-old Kfir, 4-year-old Ariel, 32-year-old Shiri, and 34-year-old Yarden, have captured the heart of everyone in Israel. They were kidnapped from the Nir Oz kibbutz during the attack. Shiri’s parents were found murdered at the kibbutz. Despite a concerted campaign for their release and attempts during a ceasefire, Hamas claimed that the family was killed in an Israeli airstrike.

Earlier this year, the IDF showed the Bibas family’s relatives a video of Shiri and her children alive days after their abduction, suggesting they were in southern Gaza. Speculations remain that they may be held near Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, potentially as human shields.


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Israel-Gaza War

IDF Spokesperson: Hamas hiding Deif's condition, odds of his death increasing

In response to a question regarding Deif, IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari noted that Deif was sitting next to Rafa'a Salameh, who was confirmed dead, when the strike happened.

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Terror attack, Injured IDF soldiers, Hermesh

Terror Attack in Hermesh: The Injured are IDF Soldiers on vacation

Two IDF soldiers on leave were lightly and moderately injured as a result of an explosion of an explosive device near the community of Hermesh. Two additional civilians were injured lightly. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack.

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Hostage release, ceasefire deal, Israel-Hamas

Report: Abu Mazen is  Preventing a Deal for the Release of Hostages

The unofficial Palestinian Authority's agreement to control the Rafah crossing was supposed to pave the way for negotiations to release hostages. However, Abu Mazen has refused, and the talks are no longer progressing.

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Israel-Gaza War

Coalition and opposition MKs to Biden: Withdraw sanctions against Tzav Tesha protest movement

A letter signed by the MKs notes how the movement itself voluntarily froze its operations, how Hamas does end up stealing the aid, and how it opposed violence.

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Israel-Gaza War

IDF releases recording of Gazan civilians celebrating the death of Deif | Watch

While the death of Mohammad Deif has not yet been confirmed, conversations such as these are evidence of increasing discontent with the war and Hamas.

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Israel-Gaza War

PM Netanyahu visiting Rafah: Military pressure helps hostage negotiations

During a visit to the troops in the Rafah area, Netanyahu stated that holding the Philadelphi corridor and the Rafah crossing were "vital" for the war effort.

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IDF, October 7 massacre, Kibbutz Be'eri, Hamas

Elite commander reacts to Be'eri investigation: "It's full of lies and false information"

The Commander of the Elite Sheldag unit has made his first reference to Kibbutz Be'eri investigation regarding the October 7th Massacre and IDF failure seemingly disagreeing strongly with the 'incorrect conclusions' drawn from the report. 

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IDF, October 7, Hamas infiltration, Gaza

Military Intelligence determines: This is the reason for the October 7th massacre

An internal investigation by the Intelligence Division examined how IDF intelligence personnel did not discern the early signs of Hamas' surprise attack. Additionally, they admit: 'We do not know how to prevent such an incident in the future.'

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Israel-Gaza War

Sniper who killed Tal Lahat eliminated in strike that kills 20 Hamas terrorists

An air strike eliminated 20 Hamas terrorists, including a Nukhba terrorist who participated in October 7 and the sniper who killed Tal Lahat.

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Hamas, IAF Airstrikes, Jemaah Islamiyah

Senior Jemaah Islamiyah official killed in Israeli airstrike

Mohammed Jabarah, responsible for coordinating attacks and missile operations, was confirmed deceased in the airstrike.

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Israel-Gaza War, IDF, Kerem Shalom

IDF: Hamas fired RPGs at soldiers along humanitarian route, as aid trucks drove by

Despite a temporary closure of the route and a soldier being injured, aid trucks successfully delivered vital supplies, showcasing the resilience of humanitarian operations amid conflict.

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Hostages, Republican National Conference 2024

Parents of hostage at RNC: October 7th an attack on Americans and still is

Speaking at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Ronen and Orna Neutra, parents of Israeli-American hostage Omer Neutra: "We won't stop fighting for you."

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