The Hamas Horrors Documentary

The Hamas Horrors Documentary was Screened in Hollywood, the Big Stars were Absent

The IDF spokesman's horror documentary was screened in Los Angeles in front of Hollywood industry executives under heavy security, but the big stars at the forefront were absent. Outside the event, clashes broke out between pro-Palestinian and Israeli demonstrators.

The atrocities in Be'eri (Photo: Yossi Zamir)

As part of the international advocacy work they do, the biggest Israeli representative in Hollywood, Gal Gadot, together with her husband, businessman Yaron Versano, organized a screening of the IDF spokesman's "horror documentary" for senior Hollywood officials. Gadot herself was absent from the screening, and along with her were the big stars of Hollywood.

Last night (Wednesday) at the "Museum of Tolerance" in Los Angeles, under heavy security, senior executives from the Hollywood industry came to watch the "document of horrors". According to various reports, more than a hundred invited guests came to the screening, while some left in the middle of the screening and others left in tears and a storm of emotions. According to a publication by Guy Pines, Gadot was absent from the screening for security reasons.

Similar to Gadot who was absent from the event, the big Hollywood stars who are in the foreground were also not present at the screening, but those who did come were industry executives who are behind the scenes, including Gadot's husband Yaron Versano, the Israeli Oscar winner Guy Nativ, the successful Israeli CEO Ynon Kreiz (Mattel) and more Jewish industrialists.

During the screening, a demonstration was held outside the museum by pro-Palestinian activists who came to protest against the "Israeli propaganda". On the other hand, Israeli supporters also arrived who expressed support with Israeli flags, and at the end of the event, violent clashes developed between the parties.


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