Israel-Gaza War, Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders: "You can't continue giving billions to Israel"

Senator Bernie Sanders attacked the Israeli government in an interview and said that "Israel has the right to defend itself, but it does not have the right to go to war against the entire Palestinian people."

Bernie Sanders (Shutterstock)

This Thursday, American Jewish Senator Bernie Sanders that he opposes Congress's decision to transfer financial aid to Israel. According to him, "I was very disturbed by the Congress of the United States, which is ready to give Netanyahu and his right-wing government another 10 billion dollars to continue this war."

In an interview with an Irish media channel, Sanders was asked about what is happening in the Gaza Strip and replied: "What is happening there, and I think it has not been properly reported in the United States, is one of the greatest humanitarian disasters in modern history. So we look at the area in Gaza, of a little over two million people, you are talking about 27,000 people killed, almost 70,000 injured, you're talking about 1.8 million displaced - 80% of the people. Can you imagine that's half the size of Ireland? That half the people were just pulled from their homes onto the road?"

Sanders emphasized in the interview that he condemns the Hamas organization, but opposes the continuation of the fighting: "My view from day one is that Hamas is a jihadist organization, a disgusting terrorist organization, which started this war by killing 1,000 innocent people and taking 200 hostages. Israel has the right defend herself, but she has no right to go to war against the entire Palestinian people. Two thirds of the dead are children and women."

During the interview, the Democratic senator was asked if he was disappointed with US President Biden, and answered in the affirmative: "Biden is an old friend of mine, I've known him for many years, we worked together on several successful projects, but on this issue he is very wrong."

Sanders, who previously ran in the Democratic presidential race, is considered to be identified with the economic left in the United States and a social democrat. In the current war, despite the prevailing narrative among his friends in the political arena, Sanders refuses to describe Israel's actions in Gaza as "genocide."


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