US-Israel Relations

Report: US cleared way for Iranian attack on Israel

Reports are surfacing that the US allowed a  "controlled" attack and promised Iran that it would do everything to prevent a reaction from the side of Israel.

Joe Biden (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

An official in Turkey is claiming that Iran informed the US about the attack on Israel through a Turkish intermediary.

In response, the United States, through the mediator, sent a message "to ensure that the attack remains within clear boundaries," as reported by the Reuters news agency.

According to the report, Iran was instructed by the US on how to carry it out. It also appears that the Biden administration promised the Islamic Republic that it would do everything to keep Israel from carrying out a response.

After the attack, Biden demanded that Israel practice restraint contrary to the popular opinion among most members of the Israeli government that there should be a strong response.

MK Benny Gantz was one of the few members of the security cabinet who adopted the American approach and called for restraint.


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Israel-Gaza War, Shipping

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Date set for Trump-Biden debates

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US-Israel Relations

Netanyahu: Israel isn't America's "vassal state"

According to an Axios report, the Prime Minister issued the remarks during a cabinet meeting, telling representatives that Israel would do "whatever it takes" to insure its security.

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Speaker Mike Johnson: Biden now carrying water for Hamas and Iran

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Israel-Gaza War, United States

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US-Israel Relations, Lindsey Graham

No stopping him: Lindsey Graham continues to bash Iran

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US-Israel Relations, Israel-Gaza War

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US-Israel Relations, Independence Day

Biden to Herzog: "Critical that our countries work together"

US President Biden sent a letter to President  Herzog in honor of Independence Day in which he said that, "US commitment to Israel's security is firm."

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New details on assassination of senior Iranian commander

According to a report by Iran International, senior official Mohammad Reza Zahedi feared becoming an Israeli target in Iran and fled to Damascus on the morning of his assassination.

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Israel-Gaza War, United States

"Bad, bad, bad decision": Democratic donor Haim Saban sends sharp letter of rebuke to Biden

Reporter Nadav Eyal revealed that Haim Saban, a major donor to the Democratic Party and to Biden, sent a letter sharply criticizing Biden's decision to embargo arms for a Rafah operation.

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Betrayal: The cover of the New York Post after the Biden decision

A picture of President Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu appears on the cover of the New York Post with the word "treason" emblazoned on them. Earlier, Trump attacked the president: "Biden is weak, corrupt and leading the world straight into World War III."

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US-Israel Relations

GOP Senator: "Impeach Biden for withholding aid to Israel" 

Well-known Republican Senator Tom Cotton came out against Biden's decision to delay arms shipments to Israel and called for his impeachment.

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