Israel-French Relations

FM Katz meets French FM Séjourné, discusses ICC, Palestinian State, Iran

Foreign Minister Katz thanked Séjourné for rejecting the comparison made by the ICC between Israel and Hamas and for opposing a unilateral recognition of a Palestinian State.

Foreign Minister Katz. (Photo: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90)

Foreign Minister Israel Katz met with French Foreign Minister Stéphane Séjourné in Paris today (Wednesday) to discuss the ICC, a Palestinian state, and Iran.

In a post on X, Katz thanked Séjourné for opposing the comparison between Israel and Hamas made by the ICC Prosecutor and for opposing the unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state, as Norway, Spain, and Ireland decided to do.

He also said that the two countries "agreed to continue working together against Iran to expand the sanctions regime against Iran’s nuclear, missile, and UAV programs."


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Iran, Syria

Report: Pro-Iranian militia attacks US base in eastern Syria with drone

This is the first such attack on American forces in the past five months, after a strike on a US base on the Jordan-Syrian border killed three American soldiers.

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State of Palestine, Armenia

Armenia recognizes the State of Palestine

Armenia's Foreign Ministry officially recognizes the State of Palestine, becoming the 147th UN member to do so. 

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Israeli Airstrikes, Hezbollah

IDF eliminates yet another Hezbollah commander in airstrike

The IDF has confirmed reports of assassinating Hezbollah Joya sector leader, Fadl Ibrahim, in targeted airstrike in Lebanon this morning.

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France, Antisemitism, Rape

French leaders responds to gang rape of Jewish girl in unprecedented antisemitic attack

Horror and fury on reports of antisemitic gang rape of Jewish 12 year old girl in France.

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Canada, Iran

Canada to sanction IRGC as a terrorist group

The decision comes years after Donald Trump did the same for the United States, a decision maintained by President Biden.

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Hezbollah, Israel, Cyprus

Hezbollah threatens to attack Cyprus

Cyprus' ties to Israel have placed it in the line of fire against Hezbollah, terror leader Nasrallah warns.

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Israel Airstrikes, Syria

Israeli airstrikes reportedly kill Syrian official

Earlier this morning, the SANA news agency reported a Syrian military officer was killed by Israeli airstrikes. The update comes amid Israel's ongoing war against Hezbollah.

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Israeli-Gaza War, Netanyahu

Bibi sparks US outrage: Key meeting canceled

The White House cancels a meeting between senior American and Israeli officials on the Iranian nuclear issue and tensions with Lebanon.

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Antisemitism, France

Report: Suspected antisemitically motivated gang rape of Jewish minor in France

One of the suspects was the girl's former boyfriend who allegedly "took revenge" on her for hiding her religion.

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Iranian Nuclear Threat

Disturbing: Suspicious data from Iran reaches Israel and the US

Walla: New information raises concerns about Iran's progress towards nuclear weapons.

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Israel-Gaza War, France

BREAKING: Paris court overturns ban on Israeli companies attending Eurosatory defense expo  

The court ruled that the ban, initiated by the French government and then expanded by a lower court, is discriminatory and must stop.

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Shin Bet, Hackers, Israel-Gaza War

Shin Bet Investigates Major Leak of Classified Information to Hackers

The investigation centers on leaked intelligence, revealing severe security breaches and damage to Israeli operations.

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