The Foreign Minister Relates to Israelis in Ethiopia

Following the conflict: The Foreign Minister addresses Israelis in Ethiopia

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a situation assessment was conducted following the conflict in Ethiopia, and contact was established with Israeli citizens and eligible immigrants in the country. Foreign Minister, Eli Cohen, addressed Israelis in Ethiopia: "I call on you to stay in a safe place"

(Photo: Oren Ben Hakoon/Flash 90)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a situation assessment on Friday due to the state of emergency declared in Ethiopia, following violent clashes that occurred in recent days in the Gondar region between armed local groups and federal security forces. The discussion took place after the ministry issued a travel warning and called on Israelis to avoid traveling to Ethiopia.

Following the situation assessment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that it is in contact with approximately 50 Israeli citizens in the region and about 60 individuals eligible for Aliyah (immigration to Israel). "I call on Israelis in the area to stay in a safe place and to maintain contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli Embassy in Addis Ababa," said Foreign Minister Eli Cohen. "The Department for Israelis Abroad, the Situation Room at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Israeli representatives in the embassies in Ethiopia are in contact with local authorities and embassies of key countries to assess when and how it will be possible to leave the area."

As mentioned, this morning the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a travel advisory recommending that Israelis staying in the area should remain in their homes and maintain telephone contact with the Israeli Embassy and the Situation Room. Additionally, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on Israeli citizens not to travel to the area due to the current situation.

"Israelis who are planning to travel to Ethiopia in general, and to the specified regions in particular in the near future, are requested to reconsider their travel and stay updated through the media and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website before departure until the situation becomes clear," the statement said. "Additionally, it is advisable to avoid traveling to the Amhara region and neighboring cities in the area."


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