Shooting on the Streets of Lebanon

Street fighting in Lebanon between Hezbollah and Christians

Yesterday afternoon, a Hezbollah ammunition truck overturned in the city of Al-Qahala - a Christian stronghold east of Beirut. A confrontation developed there that led to mutual shooting and deaths on both sides

Street fights in Lebanon between Shiites and Christians. Yesterday afternoon, a Hezbollah ammunition truck overturned in the city of Al-Qahala - a Christian stronghold east of Beirut.

Apparently the truck was carrying heavy ammunition from the Bekaa area in central Lebanon to the west. After the rollover, fighters from Samir Jaja's forces arrived and tried to check the contents of the truck. The driver tried to drive them away so as not to lose the equipment, and on the spot confrontations began that escalated into live shooting.

In the exchange of fire between the Christian forces of Jaja and the Shiite Hezbollah fighters, at least one fighter was killed from each side, as well as the truck driver. In the meantime, numerous forces arrived at the scene, and the Lebanese army also entered the situation, distancing everyone from the area.

Documentation from within the truck shows large boxes of weaponry – apparently missiles.

The concern in Lebanon is that, as in the past week, the confrontation might lead to reciprocal acts of vengeance and casualties in the already divided country.


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