Firefighter Marciano Passed Away

A sad end: the firefighter Dekel Marciano passed away

The Galil Medical Center announced the death of firefighter Dekel Marciano, who was injured during the rescue of a man who fell into a pit in Deir al-Asad

The rescue attempts in Deir al-Assad (Photo: Moshe Shai/Flash 90)

Firefighter Dekel Yehuda Marciano from Ma'alot Tarshiha, who was critically injured during a rescue operation for a person who fell into a pit in Deir al-Asad, passed away this morning. Marziano had been hospitalized in critical condition, and despite reports of improvement in his condition last night, his death was confirmed this morning.

The late firefighter Sergeant Adnan Asad also died after being mortally wounded during the rescue attempts. Asad, Z"L, was laid to rest last night.

From Galil Medical Center it was reported: "At Galil Medical Center, the death of a 33-year-old firefighter from Ma'alot-Tarshiha was confirmed after his condition deteriorated during the night. The firefighter was brought to the medical center on Sunday, along with two other injured individuals who were rescued from a pit in Dir al-Asad, and whose deaths were confirmed in the Intensive Care Unit."

At the hospital, it was stated that "he was brought in during resuscitation efforts and in critical condition, with an immediate threat to his life. His heartbeat was restored in the Intensive Care Unit, and the injured individual was intubated, in the Critical Care Department for overall intensive care."

Department Head, Dr. Uriel Tertemberg: "The firefighter suffered a multi-system injury, which included respiratory impairment, damage to blood vessels and kidneys, and suspected brain damage. Due to his kidney condition, he was connected to a dialysis machine during the past night. Unfortunately, to our great sorrow, this did not help, and his blood pressure began to gradually drop. Early in the morning, in his final hours, his family was called to his bedside and his condition was explained. His death was confirmed around 07:00."

"We share in the family's grief and embrace them during these difficult hours," stated the message.


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